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Moving with packers: what to expect

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Maplessglobe Mon 25-Jan-16 18:48:39

Hi all
So I'm just a little confused. Having got lots of good tips from here, we have found a company who will pack for us as well as moving us to another house in the same town.
The Packers will come the day before the move. DH will be working and I will have the kids to look after except eldest who is in school. How much can I ease things along? I've heard about labelling/colour coding boxes with the room they should go in for the movers but I'm not sure how to do this without standing over the packers the whole time which will drive me mad defeat the object. Also for our emergency box- kettle etc- presumably I can leave that until the actual day, so I can still soothe myself with tea?
I have been bothering the removals company for ages with inane questions but I'm pretty sure you guys will be more helpful!
Thanks in advance from a moving novice.

wowfudge Mon 25-Jan-16 19:08:47

I would arm myself with some marker pens and ask the packers how they want to do things. Also remember to make signs for the rooms at the other end as it probably isn't going to be very clear with empty rooms which is the dining room, bedroom 1, etc and you can blutack those to the top of the door frames.

wowfudge Mon 25-Jan-16 19:10:01

And have some plastic crates you can put in the car - one for cleaning stuff, one for food and drink essentials and one with some towels, soap, etc in.

trinitybleu Mon 25-Jan-16 19:15:32

Put your last night stuff (kettle, toothbrushes etc) in a plastic box and label that do not touch. Take down curtains and lay over furniture. Take pictures down off the wall and lean up against the wall.

Then that's it. They work at speed and have their systems. Just let them get on with it smile

Maplessglobe Mon 25-Jan-16 19:47:13

Thank you. Do I put these boxes to one side before the packers come- ie the day before the move? Doesn't this mean no tea etc for the day?

trinitybleu Mon 25-Jan-16 19:49:23

I mean your last night box being what you need ... The kettle can be next to it!

Ours did a small 2 bed house in a couple of hours, so it's not for long even if you do put it away properly smile

Maplessglobe Mon 25-Jan-16 19:52:19

Ah ok. They told us they'd come at 9 and be there most of the day despite the manic de cluttering I've been doing for 2 months
Thank you!

Mouthfulofquiz Mon 25-Jan-16 19:58:09

My tips would be to pack your own valuables yourself (jewellery or other precious items) and get them out of the way - just so you don't worry where they are. Also - if you haven't decluttered then do so - my DH is a messy bugger and all of the sweet wrappers / old batteries / empty drinks bottles from his bedside cabinet came with us to the new house!!!

Barbeasty Mon 25-Jan-16 21:20:36

Empty any bins and wastepaper baskets- some of ours were moved with us, contents and all. They were so quick we hadn't had time to sort them out before they packed.

Lemonski Mon 25-Jan-16 22:37:38

Have moved 12 times with packers in the last 20 years. DH was in the army. I am a huge fan of the packing service but you need everything in order to make life easy for yourself when you get to your new home and start to unpack.

My advice is to understand they pack very well and very fast but not like you and I would pack our stuff.

What I mean is they literally pack as they find. Kind of start in 1 corner of the room and work around. For example. If they were packing your dining room and the salt pot half of your cruet set was on the dining table and the pepper half on the side board - they wont necessarily look for the other half of the set like you and I probably would. The literally pack as they see. Your pepper will end up in a box labelled Diining Room - Sideboard items. The salt maybe packed with your placemats and what ever else is on the dining table. This means when you get the other end you will be missing 1 half and it wont be obvious which box the missing half is in.

Maybe not the best example but hope that gives you an insight. That iss part of the reason they can pack your whole life and house up so quickly. They also pack all day every day so are super fast.

I usually have a huge sort out before we move. That means every drawer and cupboard. I declutter as I go but make sure everything is actually where I expect it to be. Again so when you are faced with a mountain of boxes - you can whittle down to just a couple or few boxes to hunt through.

They will pack everything. They kind of go on auto pilot. Even if you stick notes on individual stuff its not that safe. Pack an overnight bag with wash bag, clean undies, change of clothes etc and anything else you may need for the 24/48 hours over the move. Put it straight in the car (if you have one) first thing along with anything else you dont want them to pack. I always take baby momentos that no insurance can replace. They also wont usually take paint, varnish, oil, petrol and petrol garden tools like mowers etc. So that usually gets squeezed in the car too - the night before.

If you dont have a car - ask to leave it with a neighbour or clear an out of bounds corner and put all the stuf you are taking yourself there. Put a bloody great big sign on it NOT to be packed and tell the top removal guy/girl and every other person in your house on removals day.

I always keep my hoover too. Its nice to hoover the new place when its empty and give the old place a quick once over.

I also carry a small cleaning kit with me. Wipes, toilet duck, dettol etc so if the new places isnt 100% I can give it a quick wipe before it fills up with boxes. Essentially keep your kettle handy, a few mugs and a tea towel so you can keep the removal men (and yourself) happy with tea and coffee.

I always feel a bit redundant tbh. When in Army quarters we used to have to clean them to spotless standard to hand back, so once a room was empty in I would go and clean. Our final move, we paid for cleaners and I did feel at a bit of a loose end. I try not to stand over them and just keep out their way and just let them do their thing. Just be handy to answer questions they may ask you. Also, don't forget to check every nook and cranny before you lock up. There is always something left somewhere - this time it was some loose mini nail varnishes in DDs fitted wardrobe that must have rolled out of a box/tin she keeps them in.

Good luck with your move. smile

Lemonski Mon 25-Jan-16 22:42:28

Oh and de wire your TV sky box etc and dismantle furniture that comes apart like bed frames etc yourself too. Keep all the bits safe. I use take away plastic boxes and permanent marker pen and label "bed bits" and put it in the bedside drawer or somewhere obvious for when you get the other end.

We dismantle beds a day or 2 before and sleep on mattresses on the floor. Saves time and stress on removal day.

Maplessglobe Mon 25-Jan-16 23:10:16

Thank you that's helpful.
I can't really disassemble the beds myself and DH is working to a tight deadline so not really helpful these few days. But they do the reassembly themselves which is part of the reason we picked them! Is that not normal?
We do have a car and I've packed a bag for all of us for 2 days.
I've heard about the bins before. I'm assuming they will leave at least one bin unpacked until moving day - I'll make that clear.
Been decluttering like crazy but my darling kids keep bringing in crap bird feeders, loo roll art and party bags from various activities!

Lemonski Mon 25-Jan-16 23:17:13

When they did the removals survey they will have discussed expectations etc. We always disassembled - mainly because we were told to the first few moves then we got into a kind of moving routine.

We moved just before xmas and DH was away,so the removal blokes were really helpful. They did a bit more than usual. They even plumbed in my washing machine for me when we got here, which is not usual practice at all nor was pre agreed.

I have always been really nice to my removal team, lots of cuppas and cake and found they have been good back - its a 2 way thing.

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