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Eltham College and Grove Park area

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mayred Mon 25-Jan-16 08:58:41

My son has joined Eltham College for 6 months. We live a bit far from the school just now, and are looking to move into the area. House price in the area is not cheap at all. We have found a couple of houses next to Bannatyne Health Club in Grove Park, which we can afford. Could anyone comment about the area and the route to walk or by bus to Eltham College?
Many thanks in advance.

Cornucopia55 Tue 02-Feb-16 11:46:21

Grove Park has always seemed a bit rough to me tbh, but it depends what you're looking for. I think that area is OK but you'd have to drive to get to decent shops and I don't think there's much of a town centre there. We live in Eltham, which is the other side of Eltham College, and are happy there. Lots of green space and a good high street, in that it has Sainsbury's, M&S etc, but is manageable. Very little trouble round here, and a community feel. From the look of the place you mentioned on the map, your son would probably walk across the playing fields to Eltham College, as there is an entrance at the College Meadow Pavilion on Marvels Lane SE12 9PH. It's a big site though, so he'd need to allow 10 minutes! If the gate was shut that end you would still walk there, as there's a public footpath which goes along the side of the field, separated from the field by a fence.
If you look for other areas, Mottingham has posh areas in West Park and Mottingham Lane, but once you cross Grove Park Rd, the number of mattresses and old sofas dumped in front gardens goes up. In Eltham, Court Road, North Park, and the area around the high street are nice. From the high street it's a 30 minute walk to Eltham College, or there are regular buses going down to Mottingham.

mayred Sun 07-Feb-16 07:32:15

Many thanks for your guidance.
We are now going to proceed with buying a house on Jevington Way. Would it be safe to walk to Eltham College?

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