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Is the contractor responsible for replacing our damaged floor?

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GinBunny Sun 24-Jan-16 23:22:06

I hope there is someone here who can help.

We had a dishwasher installed before Christmas. The contractor took off the washing machine fitting to the tap and replaced it with a "y" connector, adding one route back to the washing machine and the other route to the dishwasher, iyswim.

A month or so later and our laminate wood flooring has started to bubble. The laminate was laid new just before we moved in 2.5 years ago (we wouldn't have chosen wood laminate for a kitchen but that's by the by). DH pulled both appliances out, it was obvious that the "y" connector hadn't been fitted properly (because there was a pipe running underneath so it was at an angle) so every time either appliance was used it was spraying water out - but of course being at the back we didn't notice until it had soaked through the flooring into the main part of the room.

The contractor came round to make good, but DH had already done it. He admitted it was probably his fault and accepted how it had happened, but has also said "it's one of those things".

My question is - who is responsible for paying for the new flooring? The contractor has said he will do the work but is reluctant to pay for the replacement. My view is that we wouldn't have been replacing it had it not been damaged by the leak caused by the work that he did. I guess this is an AIBU to expect him to pay?

Thanks for reading, and would appreciate your views.

LadyOrangutan Sun 24-Jan-16 23:27:22

I'd claim on your house insurance tbh. You'll never get the contractor to stump up.

GinBunny Sun 24-Jan-16 23:52:16

That's a consideration but we don't want to pay out the excess unless we have to, plus increased premiums in future. But of course you are right, how do we get him to stump up? IF he is liable anyway?

Soooosie Sun 24-Jan-16 23:55:32

Is he insured?

Soooosie Sun 24-Jan-16 23:56:46

By law he has to carry out his work with skill. He's failed to do that. I'd take him to the small claims court after following procedure and allowing him the opportunity to make good

GinBunny Sun 24-Jan-16 23:56:54

Yes, I'm sure he is. Can he claim?

Kr1stina Mon 25-Jan-16 00:02:26

Ask him for the name of his insurers and tell him that YOU are going to make a claim against his company policy . If it's a small job he won't want that, for the reasons you stated in your second post

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