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Conveyance warning re Countrywide

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deadhead02 Thu 21-Jan-16 11:30:48

I used these without checking ANY references - what a terrible mistake. Emailing or calling was a total waste of time as no-one knew anything, and I rarely received replies in any case. My allocated solicitor was ok so we did limp to the finish line. Since moving in I have had huge problems with the way the vendors left the property and countrywide have been worse than useless. E.g. I told them a building had been removed and received a (rare) reply saying someone had checked the details and there was no mention of leaving garden furniture. You could not make up their utter incompetence.
They are expensive, and useless. I was told one could have 24/7 access to updates online but the system never worked for me despite many complaints
STRONGLY ADVISE TO AVOID THIS COMPANY - if you don't trust me see all these reviews...

AgathaF Thu 21-Jan-16 11:42:24

Is this the first time you've posted on this forum?

Whilst I agree that lots of conveyancing firms are shite generally, it's poor form to join a forum with the sole intention of rubbishing a business in this way.

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