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Regale me with your extension successes!

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Reiltin Mon 18-Jan-16 17:51:54

We love our house. (Apart from being farther out of town than we'd like, but you can't have everything!) It's got a lot of space overall but that space is mostly in the bedrooms. The ground floor (it's a 3 storey) is relatively small. The kitchen is a nice size but the living room is quite small. Apart from the toilet, they are the only two ground floor rooms. (It's tall & thin, like a Dutch or Georgian house. And unlike me!)

What we really want is a bigger living room, but the living room is at the front of the house. We don't have a front garden. We can extend the kitchen, which we probably will, but it's not quite going to solve the problem. So we're looking for inventive ideas. Anyone got something that worked well for them? smile

citychick Tue 19-Jan-16 03:32:48

Hi there.
I am no expert, and don't know your house, but....
in a small house I'd be tempted to do this...
Get rid of downstairs loo.
Open up whole of downstairs. You could put kitchen at front of house and then living area opening onto garden.
OR open up downstairs and have kitchen and dining area overlooking the garden with living area at front?

Guess it all depends on budget. It does seem a shame that the rooms you spend most of your time in (?) are smaller than the ones you maybe don't.

Good luck!

Reiltin Tue 19-Jan-16 21:51:59

That's really interesting. It fits in with some ideas I had. I don't think we'd want to lose the downstairs toilet completely but we could have the back extension be a utility and toilet.

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