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Moving to Burns Avenue - Blackfen - Sidcup!

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bosocnhi Mon 18-Jan-16 10:16:42

Hi all,

Nice to meet you!

We are a young couple with a boy, living in Clapham Junction. We are both working in Center London.

We are planning to move to Sidcup because my DS needs more spaces so we can not afford to buy a property in Clapham Junciont. Also, the schools in Sidcup are good for my DS.

We are looking for a house in Burns Avenue in Blackfen! We have checked the schools around Burns Avenue, they are quite good. We quite like it.

Then, we have read several articles about Blackfen in our forum. Someone said it is good, some one said it is bad. Of course, there are always bad and good areas in anywhere. Also it is said that there were a severe flooding in Burns Avenue in 2004. Therefore, it makes us confusing really.

Because we dont have any friends, colleagues who are living in Sidcup therefore we have no idea about North of Sidcup, especially Blackfen.

Please could you let us know anything about that area? Should we move to that area? Is it safe to live there?

Thank you so much.

evrybuddy Mon 18-Jan-16 10:32:04

Used to live in Sidcup some years ago. Don't know Burns Avenue but Blackfen is generally seen as the rougher end of things. I sued to go to have my car serviced don't by the Blackfen Parade of shops. It's a cort of uncared for type of area - the sort of place you just use to sleep in - the area feels unloved, a bit edgy but not like Woolwich.
I don't know Clapham very well but it's probably more racially diverse than Blackfen - which always struck me as solid white working class - but these are impressions formed over only a few hours.

I lived nearer Sidcup high street - schools are also good I believe up there. Houses more expensive - has a more family feel - still predominantly white working-middle class.

bosocnhi Mon 18-Jan-16 11:42:48

Hi evrybuddy,

Thank you for your answer!

What do you mean about "the rougher end of thing" of Blackfen? Can you explain?


evrybuddy Mon 18-Jan-16 13:47:20

Well, everything's based on generalisations and/or stereotypes but - essentially - all of the property for sale or to let in Blackfen is usually cheaper than Sidcup itself which just made me think that estate agents think it's not as desirable an area for buyers or tenants.

There was a big pub on the corner by Blackfen parade and I can remember lots of younger white males teens to late 20s being fairly loud outside- It was probably a Friday afternoon so nothing too unusual there but probably most of them were tattooed/t-shirted not shirts and suits - probably a few mums with prams sitting at the outside tables.

Just the sort of stuff which makes me think if I'm not 'family' then I won't be welcome there - like I say stereotyping and what not.

The area just looks more down at heel than Sidcup High street which is not exactly brilliant anyway - so it's all a bit relative but if I had a choice - I'd go for the Sidcup end of stuff rather than Blackfen.

I remember the kids coming out of the schools seemed to be left to their own devices rather than herded about by teachers which I used to see in the Hurst Road/schools schools

I went in the library which was nice enough. The shops looked a bit on the slippery slope and all a bit wholesaley/trade type outlets - for builders and tradespeople rather than civilians.

It's a few years ago so it might have improved a bit since then.

evrybuddy Mon 18-Jan-16 13:51:46

I wouldn't say it was a 'bad' area - pretty similar to lots of SE London - it all depends what you're comparing it to.

bosocnhi Mon 18-Jan-16 14:10:29

Hi there,

I really appreciate your answers. It is so true and very in details.

The area which we are looking for is not close to Albany Park station.

Actually, it is on the North of Sidcup. The school around that house are quite good.

The above link is the house advert. Can you have a look and tell me anything you know about that area?

Thank you so much.

All the best.

evrybuddy Mon 18-Jan-16 14:36:20

Ah, I see! Do you know, I thought you were looking much closer to Blackfen Road - towards the junction with Wellington Avenue - that's where the pub I mentioned was.

That looks like a nice street - probably a good investment.

You're much nearer the Oval than I realised - which is a fairly nice end of things - a bit out of the way for trains though - I used to walk from Bexley Lane to Sidcup station (similar distance) takes it out of you in winter.

Although this is not as nice a house to look at, and probably not as big - (I lived near here for a while) it's a only a few minutes from the station, the Birkbeck primary is on your way and Sidcup High Street plus doctors and library and supermarkets (Waitrose there now) is only 5 minutes in other direction - I would buy this one on your budget if you can get it.

Also, I would guess living in Birkbeck would be in the Catchment for Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar - top local school - but I'm not that well up on school catchments and stuff

We twice nearly bought houses on Birkbeck and twice didn't - those houses have gone up consistently year on year. They're great starter homes and really popular.

Not perfect though - a bit pokey so I can see why you'd want the more traditional house on Burns.

bosocnhi Mon 18-Jan-16 23:22:46

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your advices.

The house in Burns Avenue has full list of viewer so we are in waiting list. Unfortunately, the house near Sidcup station has been STC smile.

Also, I found another house in Blackfen but in another road. Here is the link of that house:

It is in Lyndon Avenue, near East Rochester way. I have checked the school and found that schools are quite good.

Do you have any advices for us?

Thank you again.

evrybuddy Tue 19-Jan-16 10:26:26

If it was me, I'd wait until another house came up around Birkbeck - that area is sooo much better than the Blackfen area.

Are you sure the schools in Blackfen are rated as highly as those in Sidcup - near Birkbeck?

I'd rather have a flat in Sidcup itself than a house in Blackfen.

You have to consider the day to day quality of life and it will be better in Sidcup than Blackfen or Welling or Bexleyheath - good luck!

cupcakelovinggirl Tue 19-Jan-16 10:41:23

The oval has a lovely little parade of shops and good schools and senior schools within catchment. There is nothing wrong with Blackfen it just doesn't have a train station in walking distance hence the prices being more reasonable. I would head closer towards Sidcup or near the oval. It's a nice area.

MrsBarlow Tue 19-Jan-16 19:20:29

I know burns avenue well and lived in sidcup until fairly recently - personally out of the two I'd go for sidcup. Train station is a big plus and the high street is fairly good for what you need day to day, some good primary schools too

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