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Help! My house might be falling down!

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soundsystem Sun 17-Jan-16 16:10:30

In the Summer, we did a side return extension and had quite a few issues with the builders not doing things quite right. It's finished now, but there are issues we didn't have before with damp, and cracks starting to appear (in the extension and also the adjoining bit of the original house).

I appreciate some settling is normal, but I'm a bit worried that there's something actually wrong.

I want to get someone in to check, but I'm not really sure who. Would that be a structural surveyor I'd need?

Grateful for any thoughts!

If it's relevant, it's a Victorian mid-terrace.

munchkinmaster Sun 17-Jan-16 16:13:50

structural engineer. Did building control sign it off before.

Quoteunquote Sun 17-Jan-16 17:24:03

Got any photos, and what did the building inspector say at each stage as they signed it off?

Did you take photos of all stages of construction? If so it will be very easy to work out what is missing.

How long has the company that did the work been in business, trading under the name they are using now?

Which insurers cover their work (you probably have a copy from before the job started, (it will be the ones you rang up to validate the insurance)

soundsystem Mon 18-Jan-16 10:06:30


Building control passed it at all stages and they were here a lot, so that gives me hope nothing major has been missed. We didn't take photos at all stages - with hindsight that would have been a sensibel thing to do.

The damp is where they've dug out the wall to run power etc and not put a damp-proof course so we just need to get them back to do that.

I'll take some pics and dig out the insurance info.

Thanks again

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