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For anyone who doesn't want a Smart Meter...

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evrybuddy Sun 17-Jan-16 14:07:38

British Gas clear up any doubts...

The smart meter revolution

Do I have to have a smart meter?


The Government requires suppliers to roll out smart meters as standard to homes and small businesses across Britain by 2020 but there is no legal obligation on individuals to have one. At British Gas we’re committed to upgrading all our customers by taking steps to reach everyone.

What if I don’t want smart meters?

Just let us know about it. If one of our customers informs us that they’re opposed to having smart meters installed, we’ll simply take them off our roll-out list. This might mean missing out on the benefits of having smart meters – being able to see the energy you use at a glance and its cost in pounds and pence (which Oxford Economics estimate could save an average 5% off annual bills - equivalent to £65), no more estimated bills, not having to submit meter readings, and personalised insight into your energy use.

British Gas has rolled out over one million smart meters and we get really positive feedback from customers about the control they have been able to take over their energy.

If you’re a British Gas customer and want to be removed from the roll-out, or want the smart meters that are already in your property removed, you can get in touch with the Smart Homes Customer Service team on 0800 980 6121, and our advisors will be able to help with this. Lines are open Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 6pm.

Wish all the other suppliers were as upfront and clear about the truth.

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