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whats the housing market like pre spring

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pud1 Thu 14-Jan-16 13:07:18

after putting an offer in on a house last year my mortgage fell through. my bank account showed overdraft borrowing ( this was due to me being stuck in a hospital for 2 weeks at my dads bedside while he died ). we have been told by the mortgage company that they fully understand the situation but they will not lend until we have 3 months clear statements. we are reapplying in march. we are having to use a non high street lender due to our credit score.

this has been a bit of a godsend really as we have gone off the original house. i have been checking rightmove ( obsessively ) but there is very little coming on the market in my area. is this normal for January. i thought that the opposite would be the case. i spoke to a local agent by chance the other day and was told that they have the lowest amount on there books at the moment for years.

is this uk wide or just my area

Sunnyshores Thu 14-Jan-16 13:29:02

I think the housing market is very area specific. We are in Somerset, just brought, my agent told me that the market is fairly slow at the moment, as is fairly normal, will pick up nearer Easter.
But in East Kent where we have a couple of BTLs the rental agent range me (suprisingly proactive) and asked me to sell as there is absolutely nothing on the market, new builds delayed, and they have lots of people moving to the area.

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