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Advice needed on valuation wording please

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Slowlybutsurely Wed 13-Jan-16 23:21:22

We have been offered a mortgage (thankfully) but I have a query on the valuation report that we received a copy of today.
There are two questions as follows:
"Has the property ever been affected by structural movement caused by subsidence, settlement, landslip or heave?" and the answer ticked is yes.

The next question is:

"If yes, is the movement considered to be long-standing in nature and the risk of further movement taking place acceptable?" Also ticked yes.

There is a comment box which they have chosen not to write anything in.

Our mortgage broker says that this is pretty standard and just means there has been some settlement in the house (1960's build if thats relevant?). I also presume the mortgage company wouldn't have offered mortgage if there was a hint of subsidence etc without requiring further surveys etc.

Am I correct (really hoping so!!).Will it affect out building insurance?

wowfudge Wed 13-Jan-16 23:28:21

It's nothing to worry about. Won't affect your insurance. I don't think I've seen a survey for an older house that doesn't state this.

Slowlybutsurely Wed 13-Jan-16 23:38:50

Thank you! Will sleep easier tonight!

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