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Have you moved to a new area, how did you find it?

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happygolucky1 Tue 12-Jan-16 20:55:16

We are thinking of moving to a different area and we won't know anyone. Our children will be 7 and 4, both will be at school in September and so I'm worrying about how I will go about making friends... as at the moment we have lots of toddler groups and so forth but when we move to the new area both of the children will be at school.

If you've moved to a new area with school aged children, how did you find it?

SternlyVoice Wed 13-Jan-16 21:56:49

We moved out of the city where DH and I both work and where DD went to preschool in April last year to a small town within reasonable commutable distance to work in city. So, it wasn't a million miles away but was going to mean a completely different lifestyle. I was also worried because DD wasn't going to know anyone in school and although I knew one or two people living there from work, we weren't exactly good friends and I've nearly always lived in cities. For us, it has worked out brilliantly. DD has settled in school, has made friends, and is loving it. I've joined the PTA and have met quite a few people that way. And, the school dropoff has meant I've met lots of the other mums - a few of us (whose DDs are friendly) even have had a coffee and natter one day before school pickup. So, that's promising from the point of view ofmaking friends. And of course, we love our new house - more space, garden, rural views and close to what amenities there are locally. I don't think DH and I have ever been so happy and it really feels like home. We are never ever going to move again.

Good luck with whatever you decide

namechangedtoday15 Thu 14-Jan-16 14:47:14

I think you will meet lots of mums through school as pp says - especially through your 4 yr old. We moved in the December before my children started school. I was maternity leave when they started school (so I appreciate slightly different, I could do lots of coffees etc) but I met so many people through just chatting in the playground, organised class nights out, and then joined the PTA and various community things. For your 4 year old, organise playdates and when they're that young, the mums will stay.

It takes effort to begin with but we haven't looked back for a second.

wonkylegs Thu 14-Jan-16 15:09:22

We moved an hour away from a city to a large village 2.5years ago.
It's been really good, DS didn't get into the village school so I have to drive him into the next town. I've still managed to make friends among the other parents including some friends that were amazing when I had a miscarriage last year.
I also have made friends in the village despite our house being a bit isolated from the village, I've got involved with the community centre and joined a local Bookclub wine drinking group and got to know my neighbours who despite all being the next generation have been fab at welcoming us.

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