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Damp/mould around upvc door and windows

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fartlek Mon 11-Jan-16 21:25:33


I live in a 30s terraced house with double glazed windows and UPVC doors. The house is on a hill facing out to the sea a few miles away which means it is lashed by driving wind and rain, particularly in winter.

Over the years I have had problems with dampness on the walls just inside the front door, from head height down and similar on the walls adjoining the bay window (appearing after a period of bad weather) both on the front of the house. I had the silicon sealant around the windows and doors redone (where the UPVC units affix to the stonework, rather than within the windows or doors themselves) about 7 years ago and this immediately stopped the problem of dampness on the walls. I have had a bit of the dampness again around the front door and I am actually thinking of getting a new door (as the lock mechanism is getting a bit rickety too).

I have tried googling the problem I have but it always tends to flag up problems people have had with condensation within their double glazing, not people having problems with moisture getting round the window units themselves through the silicon sealant.

Has anyone had this problem? Is it a common thing to have to renew the silicon sealant around double glazing installations?

The reason I ask is I'm thinking of getting someone to redo the sealant round all the windows and doors again and wondered if this was a sensible maintenance job. The windows themselves are in a good condition but are around 10 - 12 years old.

wowfudge Mon 11-Jan-16 21:46:29

If it did the trick last time, I'd renew the sealant again. Silicone does lose its efficacy over time - bathroom sealant needs renewing every few years.

PigletJohn Tue 12-Jan-16 14:33:59

"thinking of getting a new door (as the lock mechanism is getting a bit rickety too)."

Price of new lock vs. price of new door....

Have you found a local independent person who specialises in repair and adjustment of plastic doors and windows? There will be one.

HelpfulChap Tue 12-Jan-16 14:41:10

A new double glazed door will cost around £750 fitted (from a reputable firm).

Have you had the pointing looked at?

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