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Anyone familiar with South Woodford?

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swquestion Mon 11-Jan-16 15:40:05

Is anyone familiar with the block of six roads in South Woodford - Peel, Walpole, Carnavaron, Stanley, Malmesbury and Buckingham? They are just north of the North Circular and to the west of the six roads is Woodford New Road. We’re potentially viewing some houses on these roads next weekend but viewings are time consuming and tiring for our 14 month old son (no one to leave him with) and don’t really want to waste time so had a question if anyone can help: what is the traffic noise like coming from the North Circular? The NC is in a dip or cut around here but does it help reduce the noise? Is it very obvious when standing in the gardens on these roads? I guess there is vehicle pollution too to consider.

dynevoran Mon 11-Jan-16 16:39:48

I know the roads you mean although haven't stood there and surveyed noise. I live near north circ a bit further round and have friends on various roads next to north circ in Walthamstow e.g. forest view road, bridge end, hale end road, pentire road. My experience with those is that it is so dependent on where the house is, the angle and cut of the north circ at that point and direction of gardens and fences and hedges to block noise. Generally as long as more than 15 houses away on streets mentioned it doesn't seem any different to general London traffic noise. With the deep cut of the north circ where you mention I'd say would be fine in houses not right up against it .

dynevoran Mon 11-Jan-16 16:50:38

Looking on a map and comparing to various places I know, I'd say anything north of the footpath shown on Google maps cutting those roads perpendicularly would probably be okay.

TheCokeMachine Mon 11-Jan-16 17:45:19

Noise shouldn't be a big problem if you are not really, really sensitive. Pollution on the other hand is very high, but not as high as Park Lane - it's all relative. It's London, there's pollution.

I don't live there but know the area well, the residents used to complain more about noise from the Napier Arms than from the A406. But I think that's been resolved now.

There are also complaints about Chelmsford Road being a 'cut through' but yet again it's London, albeit the suburbs.

I'd be more interested in school catchment than noise/pollution ;)

swquestion Mon 11-Jan-16 19:54:21

Thanks a lot for your replies, very helpful.

fabulousathome Wed 13-Jan-16 07:55:56

Will your budget stretch to house in a nearby road called Grove Hill? I think the prices should be similar. Also consider the area on the other side of the station in roads such as Onslow Gardens and Daisy Road. They are much more convenient for the Tube. Best and quietiest area in SW is The Firs Estate. This is made up of the roads off of and including Bressy Grove and Broadwalk. No cutting through and still close to SW's excellent facilities and transport links.

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