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Calling PigletJohn and other knowledgable types

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ElfOff Sun 10-Jan-16 13:46:00

What would you say the old soil pipe in my house is made from? Hope you can see in this picture. It had been ground down to install a new toilet. I'm hoping it wasn't/isn't an asbestos soil pipe! hope the picture is clear enough

PigletJohn Sun 10-Jan-16 15:25:55

can't tell from the pic. It looks painted. Try scratching it. It is most likely plastic or iron. I don't recall seeing asbestos cement soil pipe, only rainwater pipe, but I might be wrong.

How old is the house?

The socket or collar it goes into looks as if it might be a mortar repair.

ElfOff Sun 10-Jan-16 16:41:16

Thanks for the reply. House is 1930s I think.

Would an asbestos pipe be easy to identify as a professional? Ie. Would the plumber that did the job be able to tell it wasn't before grinding it down? I think now I remember them saying something about it being clay/pot

PigletJohn Sun 10-Jan-16 18:07:53

if you mean the thing in the ground, that the white pipe is poked into, it looks like a clay socket. If you scratch it, it will be brown, with a dark brown glaze, except if it has been patched with mortar, when you will see the cement colour and gritty sand. Clay pipe is about half an inch thick.

Asbestos cement is light grey and quite thin

ElfOff Wed 20-Jan-16 18:26:08

Hi piglet John, thanks for your replies. Yes I meant the bit in the ground which was originally congreted in. The white soil pipe is brand new. I wiped the old pipe (the circle in the ground) and it seems to be a yellowy colour. Would that be clay? I've attached another photo but I realise it's not very clear! There is a lot of dust and debris around the base of the new soil pipe which i need to clean up but want to make sure it is safe to do so

ElfOff Wed 20-Jan-16 18:27:09

Also it seems to have a ridge in the middle

PigletJohn Thu 21-Jan-16 13:31:31

Yes, it would.

I'd still call it brown rather than yellow, but it must vary by the colour of clay in your region.

same material as a brown teapot.

I can see you!

ElfOff Thu 21-Jan-16 16:53:47

Thanks for the jnfo!

What do you mean you can see me?? My assuming you're not a crazy person camping outside my house wink

PigletJohn Thu 21-Jan-16 18:10:50

I can see you on other sites!

ElfOff Thu 21-Jan-16 19:00:19

Ha I see! Well spotted. Was that you that replied to me there too?

PigletJohn Thu 21-Jan-16 19:04:02

no, I didn't need to.

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