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Need a new kitchen, feeling a bit overwhelmed. Can anyone help me formulate a plan?

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VermicularCanister Sun 10-Jan-16 11:28:01

We desperately need to get on with replacing our old kitchen, but I am struggling to know where to start.

The kitchen not huge (10x11 foot) and a very awkward space with three doors into it and and windows on two sides, and despite many hours on the IKEA kitchen planner I am really unsure how to make the space work.

The boiler is ancient and definitely needs to be replaced, and when that happens it will need to move to an external wall (it's currently vented up the chimney).

Depending on the eventual kitchen layout, we may need to move the back door and/or change the window sizes, so potentially some building work to be done.

Electrical work will also be needed as there are only two plug sockets above the worktop in the whole room.

I have absolutely no idea what final style/finish we will want, that all seems so far off! But we are not planning to spend ££££, total budget maybe in the region of 12-15K? Not including the boiler. I have no idea if this is realistic!

Anyway, I need to start with the design, don't I? Should I just start calling around Magnet/Howdens/IKEA/whoever, and ask them to send someone out? If so, any particular recommendations or any that I shouldn't bother with?

Can I expect them to make suggestions for moving doors etc., and if building work is needed, would they be able to manage the work for us, or would we need to organise that separately?

Lots of threads on here mention using independent companies and getting a joiner to build bespoke cupboards into awkward spaces, and this working out a similar price to the big chains for better quality, but where would I start with that? We have a local independent showroom near us so I guess I will give them a call, but my impression is that they will be out of our budget.

Sorry it's a bit long, but we are new to this and just feeling a bit daunted at the moment. Any pointers to help us break this down into manageable chunks would be much appreciated.

Marmitelover55 Sun 10-Jan-16 11:44:47

A sketch of your current layout would probably be very helpful, if you can post one.

Fuckitfay Sun 10-Jan-16 12:50:59

Are you going to use kitchen fitters or your own fitter? We found it helpful to speak to our builder first for ideas but we had a builder as having an internal wall knocked down.
Wrt boiler our new one is in our loft which freed up kitchen space. Our loft was boarded out first and got a new extendable ladder so easy to access for servicing etc. The thermostat is controlled by a remote controller.

VermicularCanister Sun 10-Jan-16 15:26:38

Thanks both for your replies.

Fay, that's a good question. We don't have fitters lined up, and we don't have a builder already, so it would be a case of either going with their fitters or asking around for recommendations. (Are there pros and cons?) Though if we use Howdens then apparently we need to have a builder first, so that the quote goes through them.

Yes, the position of the boiler is another variable. We had a gas engineer round who advised that the kitchen would be the best location (having looked at our roof space and the positions of external walls and gas supply), not that we couldn't put it elsewhere but it would be more expensive/complicated to do.

Marmite, I'll add a couple of pics, showing views from either end of the room. One end has the back door and window, the other end has a door to the hallway and a smaller door to an understairs cupboard. The door part way along the side is to the dining room and needs to stay. (Its exact position could change, but if possible I'd like to leave it alone.)

The units are not shown here but if you are looking from the hall door, we have an L shape on the left with sink under the window. On the right there is a shallow broom cupboard next to the door, then a couple of base units and cooker. The small space between the hall and dining room doors contains a free-standing fridge. We also have wall units on both sides.

Our main problem is that the space isn't used well at all, there is minimal worktop space and the storage isn't great. I have had a nosey in a few neighbours' houses, and they have all done different things to improve matters. Moving the back door to the side, knocking out the understairs cupboard, closing off the doors to the dining room or hallway (neither of these options would be for me!), bricking up the side window (not sure about that one either).

If it's possible to design a good kitchen within the existing space that would be great, but despite my best efforts with the IKEA kitchen planner I haven't worked out how to.

wcskitchens Mon 11-Jan-16 12:57:12

What are are you in?

wcskitchens Mon 11-Jan-16 17:47:55

*area I mean lol

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