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Why does my boiler only leak on a Friday?

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Elvish Fri 08-Jan-16 18:16:27

I have no idea why but my boiler has taken to leaking a bit every Friday, early afternoon.

I wasn't sure if it was a bank holiday Friday only problem, in which case I could have ignored it until easter, but it's done it again today.

We inherited the boiler and I've never really worked out how it functions. Could it do something once a week that causes the problem?!

PigletJohn or anyone else, if you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it!

PigletJohn Thu 11-Feb-16 15:01:33

It would help to know what sort of boiler it is, and where the leak is coming from

pictures help too

Elvish Thu 11-Feb-16 15:43:35

Thanks PJ, I found a plumber and it was just a leaking join on a pipe. All sorted smile

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