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Replacing bath with shower

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Wuffleflump Thu 07-Jan-16 11:43:15

How big a deal is it to replace a bath with a really good, large shower. Only bathroom in a 2 bed flat.

My boyfriend and I don't take baths, ever. The bath is just a thing that gathers dust and has to be cleaned, even though we never use it. We often shower together (sorry, TMI, not a sex thing), so a large shower would materially improve our experience.

We don't have children, but might in the future. I have heard that baths are better for children, though there are also parents who manage without, and it's not forever.

So two issues:
How much of a big deal is a bath for kids?
How much will it affect property value / resale?

The flat is otherwise in an area with a heated property market. If/when we want to move, could rip out shower and put cheap bath back in, as the room has been designed to have one, but it's hassle/expense.

LeotardoDaVinci Thu 07-Jan-16 11:46:31

We did this - loads of people said: what a mistake we'd never live without a bath. But like you, we never took baths and had busy lives - when we put the flat on the market it sold to the first viewer. We didn't have children either at the time but have stayed in apartments since with our children and used a baby bath for babies (in a shower cubicle) and just showered older ones. Not a problem.

RNBrie Thu 07-Jan-16 11:56:27

As long as you're not planning to move really soon then I would just do it.

I love having baths so even before I had dc I would not have bought a house/flat that only had a shower room. But not everyone cares about it so there will still be plenty of people to sell to. And as you say, there is room for the bath so a buyer can always put one back in.

My dc both prefer showers to having a bath (they are 1 and 3) but it was useful when they were smaller. Probably not essential, we manage fine when we're away.

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