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Plumbing problems

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curlingandtwirling Tue 05-Jan-16 14:10:31

Cant afford a plumber until pay day but hoping someone can advise me. The toilet won't flush unless I push the little bucket thing (ballcock) down to let the cistern top up, then I have to push the lever down 3-4 times quickly to get it to push the water through. Not a very technical description sorry! There isn't a round ballcock as such and I know how to hook the lever on but this isn't the problem?? It's driving me mad and is putting me off using it. I've never looked forward to coming to work so much! grin

Also, the boiler pressure is getting high when the central heating is on and the shower is not getting hot enough. I know how to fill it but no release it?

Is this going to cost me? sad

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