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how much cleaning would you do?

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Thepinkcricket Mon 04-Jan-16 08:13:56

We are selling our house, moving out this week. The people buying our house are not moving in, but are starting a big renovation early this year. Looking at their plans, they are gutting the place. New kitchen, most walls moved or removed, new bathrooms, total reconfiguration. They will move in once all work complete.

If they were moving in I would be making a huge effort to make the place lovely and spotless. So proper clean of ovens, inside cupboards, behind radiators. But they are going to rip out all the appliances and cupboards and change the place into a building site.

What is the done thing here? I am obviously not going to leave it a tip but is a cursory clean ok? We have two (very small) kids and a new house to clean so don't want to create unnecessary work?

orchidnap Mon 04-Jan-16 10:39:11

I'd say just your usual level of clean then. Not a deep clean of every nook and cranny but just how you would have your house on an average day.

Madblondedog Mon 04-Jan-16 11:31:04

If they are not living in whilst doing the work then I would make it OK but not spotless. That is more than the couple who left ours did, I think they thought we were living out whilst the work was done and it was horrid when we moved in - If you're sure they're not going to stay there then I'd not worry too much smile

specialsubject Mon 04-Jan-16 12:17:57

I'd clean it such that it won't get worse while empty, which means no food or rubbish left behind (as if you would!) and things cleaned out enough so it doesn't attract mice or insects.

all lightbulbs left and toilet roll on holders. That's it, really.

might be worth asking them if they want water and electricity turned off at stopcock/main.

BackforGood Mon 04-Jan-16 12:33:55

As they are not moving in, and then have builders in for some time, I wouldn't do any cleaning.
What would be the point ? confused

I am presuming you aren't going to be leaving half eaten food around, you are just talking about dust from behind the wardrobes type cleaning ??

Thepinkcricket Mon 04-Jan-16 20:46:30

They are definitely not moving in until work is complete. And starting the work ASAP. It's pretty clean anyway - we live here! But if a new family were moving in I would go all out to make it lovely. I just don't want to be scrubbing ovens and radiators if no one will notice or care! Thanks for responses.

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