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what to spend my nest egg on?

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Madelinehatter Sat 02-Jan-16 22:13:32

I have an insurance policy coming to fruition this year and will end up with about 20 grand. Lucky me I know. I have already decided not to pay it off the mortgage as it will make little difference to our rather large monthly payments. Plus I really need stuff doing to the house and this is likely to be the only time I can afford it.

This is what I want/need:

New kitchen - this is a must
Garage converted to a home office - not a priority but would free up a lot of space
Soundproof the party wall - we have awful neighbours.
Remove fireplace and get log burner.
Get some remedial work done to drive - this is probably a must too.
Get a new front door.
Get radiators flushed out
New sofa. Probably a necessity too.

Appreciate I can't do it all on 20 grand. Hoping to keep the kitchen to about 6 grand

What would you do? What should I focus on? Also really need to keep some back for rainy days so my options are so small! I need 200 thousand tbh!

Artandco Sat 02-Jan-16 22:14:50

Do the kitchen and sound proofing as they sound like they would benefit you the most

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