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Best place to live with an £850k budget in London??

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AnnieBeeBee Sat 02-Jan-16 14:55:10

We're moving from our flat and have fallen over with shock at how much it's now worth (islington, bought an age ago, much more than doubled in value. But that's mental London for you!)

But a bit confused about where to move to. We have £850k to spend. More money than I ever dreamed I'd have, but it doesn't seem to go very far. We're determined to stay in London.

Can you help me find a good area??? I like some parts of Hackney, Crouch End, Highgate. But want 3 bedrooms and a garden, which seems a struggle.

Where would I get a lovely place for that price? Is there a nice neighbourhood I've missed?

Would love some tips!

Moving15 Sat 02-Jan-16 20:52:24

This is the usual conundrum of London house buying. Your property may have soared in price but so has every where else so unless you are relocating elsewhere in the country you won't realise your money.
What about a bit further up the a10, bush hill park, Enfield way? There are some lovely patches.

CeeCee123 Sat 02-Jan-16 21:19:21

Unless you are a die-hard North Londoner, you may want to consider SE London. I'm in Sydenham and cannot recommend it highly enough for green spaces, sense of community and lovely houses. £850k would get you something very nice.

Madelinehatter Sat 02-Jan-16 22:21:59

Walthamstow? Clapton? The East End can still provide value if you look and enough. Or so my SIL tells me. I love Up North!

Iwantakitchen Sat 02-Jan-16 22:25:47

Wanstead, South Woodford, Walthamstow, Leytonstone. Wanstead you would get a small 3 bed with garden and good schools. larger house in Leytonstone for that money but it's up and coming. A few stops from Liverpool Street.

stargirl04 Sun 03-Jan-16 01:42:13

I agree with the PP who recommended south east London. I moved there from Islington two years ago and love it.

How about some of these options in nice parts of SE London:


Blackheath (the Chelsea of SE London):



Nice part of Peckham:

Herne Hill:

Forest Hill:

wickedwaterwitch Sun 03-Jan-16 02:26:18

You'll get something in Northfields / Ealing for that

Chchchchangeabout Sun 03-Jan-16 03:55:06

Tooting worth a listen ok too

funnyperson Sun 03-Jan-16 04:23:10

but you will miss islington and the flat you sold will go up more than the house you buy

scoffas Sun 03-Jan-16 04:48:53

Hackney and Stroud Green would still be possible although it won't be detached houses and big gardens. Harringay, Holloway and even Camden Town also worth considering. You don't have to move miles away if you're still keen on the N London vibe.

Victoria Park

Stroud Green

Hackney Downs


Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington

Camden Town

BIWI Sun 03-Jan-16 05:26:41

I don't know North London, but here in SW London you can get s 4 bedroom house for that budget

BIWI Sun 03-Jan-16 05:27:59

Sorry - link disappeared! here.

HomeMeasurements Sun 03-Jan-16 05:33:24

Do you feel like you have to have a house? Because if you compromise and get a big flat there's lots of places you could live. I have a 3 bed flat (1500 sq ft so not small at all) with a nice garden right between Brixton and herne hill in the 'poets corner' area. I bought it for nothing but got it valued the other day for 750 so well within your budget.

llhj Sun 03-Jan-16 06:04:29

What about Palmers Green on the lakes estate? Some huge houses there. Fab parks. Well connected.

Mandolinoparadiso Sun 03-Jan-16 10:17:25

How about this in Kentish Town?

maybebabybee Sun 03-Jan-16 10:19:14

Hither Green has some lovely period three beds you could get for that budget. It's a lovely area too.

Definitely south east, you will get way more for your money than north.

RiverTam Sun 03-Jan-16 10:20:59

SE London is filling up with North londoners who have seen the light.

AnnieBeeBee Sun 03-Jan-16 12:09:49

Wow these are so useful! I can't believe how far my budget will stretch! Concentrating on Highgate and Islington was making me feel a little worried.

I really like south east London, stairgirl04, CeeCee123, and RiverTam. But had never really thought about it. Amazed to see I can afford a house in Herne Hill and Blackheath. Like the idea of Forest Hill.

A lot of people seem to be moving to Walthamstow, iwantakitchen and am definitely going to check out what everyone likes about it. I just started reading another, v detailed, walthamstow thread after reading your message!

LOVE Stoke Newington, scoffas. It doesn't feel too far from home. I'd been told I'd never get a look in there for less than a million (which is Crazy) so I like these links a lot!

I definitely don't need a house HomeMeasurements, something bigger with a garden is what I'm after. Totally open to flats and Maisonettes.

Feeling pretty hopeful now. Why is it I never see these good places when I look on right move?!?

Slightly scared I'll miss islington though. It's such an easy place to live.

Artandco Sun 03-Jan-16 16:28:49

How about Wimbledon? You can still buy a 3 bed house there just about for that budget

Like this 4 bed

MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels Sun 03-Jan-16 17:11:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnnieBeeBee Sun 03-Jan-16 20:32:31

I don't know Wimbledon at all, Artandco, but know its reputation for being lovely! Definitely worth exploring.

That house in Hampstead Garden Suburb is lovely, Myhovercraftisfullofeels!

FanDabbyFloozy Sun 03-Jan-16 22:57:50

How about East/North Finchley or if your budget stretches a little, Mill Hill, Whetstone or Totteridge? All gorgeous areas of North London.

Boosiehs Sun 03-Jan-16 23:00:55

We did the same move from Islington (crazy crazy prices) and moved to a v nice 5 bed in ealing. Lovely v happy with the move.

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