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2016 kitchen extension / fitting thread anyone?

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PlaymobilPirate Mon 28-Dec-15 23:51:47

I've got a couple of kitchen threads from here saved and will be using them loads when we start planning our extension and kitchen refit early next year but thought it might be nice to start a new one for new ideas?

We've been living with a kitchen last done up in about 1970 for 5 years (3 cupboards, sink, drainer and awful cheap and nasty gas cooker) and I HATE it - I'm desperate for storage space and I'm sick of eating off my knee in the living room!

We're hopefully going to extend the mortgage by about 25k to do the extension and re-fit, dp used to be a brickie in a past life so that and his contacts will keep costs down.

I'm hoping to have a utility with floor to ceiling cupboards for storage and just base units in the actual kitchen if possible as I hate wall units.

Happy to throw money at it but terrified that we'll make mistakes along the way and regret doing / not doing things.

Is anyone else planning a new kitchen next year??

ladybird69 Tue 29-Dec-15 00:06:12

Ooo how exciting in my last (dream house) I had a huge utility room with washing machine and drier etc but also housed a huge full in walkin larder with cold marble shelves, it was amazing and so useful as we lived out in the sticks!!! the main kitchen was base units with shelves over displaying all of my beautiful China/crockery and a huge huge dresser, huge 12 seater farmhouse kitchen table and chairs and a huge squeeshy leather sofa tan worn look. it was absolutely gorgeous I miss it so much. whatever you want to know just ask, as friends/family said it was ultimate space!!! as we had mega huge oak framed garden room beyond it with cathedral ceiling and bifold doors straight into garden. when we had it up for sale we had lots of time wasters just nicking the look!!!! wish I could do it all over again.

PlaymobilPirate Tue 29-Dec-15 11:02:09

That sounds amazing - not surprised people were pinching ideas!

We'd love roof window thingies - can't decide on flat or peaked ones... and dp wants a bi fold door.

We need to be careful not to go too crazy, we're in the north east - ex council house. Nice area and nice local schools so no immediate plans to move but no point overspending madly :-)

Eachpeachpearplum1985 Tue 29-Dec-15 14:58:59

Hi there! We have had an offer accepted on a 1930s semi which needs completely renovating. At the minute it has a small kitchen with two base units, a sink and a free standing cooker. Our plan is to knock through to the lounge and also build outwards to create a big family space. We want velux windows and bi fold doors onto the garden. Hoping that we can get it done in 2016 but I might be being optimistic!! I'm a bit worried we will end up spending much more than its worth but it will be our 'forever' home!

Mydearchild Tue 29-Dec-15 15:18:43

Can I join?! We have these plans drawn up by our architect which will go to planning next week. Should give us a 27ft x 12ft extension across the rear of the house. Need to discuss with our neighbours though. Eek!

Mydearchild Tue 29-Dec-15 15:23:07

We are going for flat glass roof lights and either aluminium or timber bifolds. I want to keep the rear reception room separate too so we will demolish the bay and put internal bifolds in there. Looking at kitchens we are going painted shaker style I think. I've fell in love with The Shaker Kitchen Co as they seem the most competitive for the style. Gosh I'm so excited I have it all planned out blush

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 29-Dec-15 16:51:44

Marking my spot ! smile

Pigleychez Tue 05-Jan-16 16:43:44

We have plans in our heads but nothing set yet. Dh said its likely to be 2017 but Im soo impatient and would love it done this year!

We basically intend to extend at the rear and double the size of our Kitchen diner. Also to add a utility room to the side of the house. Planning a sloped roof with either roof lights or a glass roof ( depending on cost etc) We aleady have Bifolds so will replace/update like for like there.

Ive already got every detail planned in my head (and my pinterest board!) and have found the kitchen I want. Will be bliss to have more worktop space as currently its something we desperately lack due to the current layout.

IShouldBeSoLurky Tue 05-Jan-16 18:19:30

Hopefully exchanging tomorrow on our house and starting work straight away before moving in. We'd love to do an extension but not 100% sure yet whether the space we'll gain (c.2x2m) will be worth the cost. But we'll be putting in a new kitchen anyway as the existing one is falling to bits. It's going to be a challenge either way as the layout is... er... unusual.

I'd kill for a futility room but there's not going to be space unfortunately.

slicedfinger Tue 05-Jan-16 18:25:21

We're hoping to start ours in the next couple of months. I've fallen in love with DeVol kitchens but know the budget won't go that far. We'll also be converting the integral single garage to a utility/storage room.

Mydearchild Tue 05-Jan-16 18:43:24

Slicedfinger me too! Have been looking at the shaker kitchen co and also handmade kitchens direct which seem very highly recommended on here. Similar to DeVol but much cheaper. Hoping it will end within budget otherwise I'm sticking it on a credit card smile

5amisnotmorning Tue 05-Jan-16 20:23:49

We have just ordered Devol. Goes in March alongside kitchen and utility building work. Can't wait!

Mydearchild Tue 05-Jan-16 22:05:26

5am may I ask if you looked at handmade direct or any others? What made you go for DeVol? We live pretty close to their showroom and I'm tempted but I think it's out of our price range. We need a row of larders on one side around 2.5m and it's really pushing the price of the kitchen up. We have little storage though so it's a must.

kali43 Tue 05-Jan-16 23:15:14

oh me, me - can i join in too. Knocking through wall between kitchen and lounge/diner to make large open plan, moving kitchen to sitting area so sitting and eating overlooking garden. making a downstairs wet room/cloakroom and large utility out the breakfast room. i would love thin profile sliding patio door in aluminium but think going to take us over budget. Yes to roof lights.

MiaowTheCat Wed 06-Jan-16 07:46:32

We're part-way through ours - again like the OP 1970s hideous beige melamine kitchen- and since someone obviously got some extra cupboards somewhere free along the way - the beige doesn't even match!

We've already done the conservatory to serve as a playroom part which is fantastic (really good quality conservatory so it's still usable in the winter months) and we've had the wall from the lounge into the kitchen partially knocked through - we're retaining one wall so it's more of a U shape with the end wall still in place just because we really needed the wall space for cupboards and it gives a little bit of zoning for the house but it's not finished in that the cosmetic parts of that still aren't done yet.

Kitchen was planned a few months ago (we're not as posh as some on here and it's good ole Wickes for us) and then we went to finalise the design and pay just as soon as their big sale discounts went live on Boxing Day... appliances arrive end of this week (again we had it all planned and put the orders through once the sales hit) and the units come towards the end of the month and we've got the tradesmen all on standby to come and do it starting February (our next door neighbour's project managing it all and bringing in contacts he has as and when needed - so the plumber is his nephew... the electrician is his nephew's mate and so on - they seem to have the full repertoire of trades among the family! We know most of them already from the conservatory work we've had done).

Eachpeachpearplum our house is about 1925 - we've been in just over 5 years and lived with it and now we're gradually working through stuff in order of liveability - although we did recently discover that the doors we have are the bloody original ones that someone stuck plywood panels over and covered in about a century's worth of white gloss paint - planning on getting them restored at some point when money permits. We've had the roof done and the back end of the house done - we didn't go for bifold doors but went for double doors out of the conservatory which go fully back against the walls for a similar effect (but miles cheaper), had the garden done to a patio (it was just a sea of uneven mud) which was done meticulously by our neighbour and is fantastic - and we regularly have half the street around to see where we've got to doing it up - but we rented on this street before we bought and the real community feel to it is one reason we bought where we did.

Munchatron Wed 06-Jan-16 17:42:34

This is my first post and I'm loving all the advice and opinions surrounding kitchens!

We're hoping to get the keys to our new house next month and I have a list of refurbishments to get through, starting with the kitchen!! It is manly, even DH has put his foot down and agreed it has to go first.

I have to admit I'm a sucker for a pretty, shiny website and DeVol seem to be winning at the moment. Although I am terrified to add up the cost of it all! My next stumbling block is probably going to be getting it delivered and fitted in Scotland - does anyone have experience/knowledge of this is do-able? Or indeed a similar standard of kitchen supplier up that way?

Thanks! smile

ftm123 Thu 07-Jan-16 10:19:28

Marking my spot. We moved a couple of months ago, and always planned to fit a new kitchen. The property was over extended and rat infested, so the kitchen had no natural light and is still furry in places. All the units are broken, and there is a big smelly broken fridge freezer that the extension was built around and we need to do structural work to remove.

We are planning to relocate the kitchen, putting the utility and toilet where there is no light. We are still
deciding how many walls/bits of walls to knock down (how semi open plan to make it, and whether to remove dark corridors).

I was thinking of using diy kitchens, costs need to be controlled. Was planning light shaker style. Maybe light grey worktop, as I need to keep it light due to day light issues. Undecided on flooring, worried about hardness of tiles and raising the floor with under floor heating.

Interested to hear how everyone else gets on. And any tips on finding builders/kitchen fitters.

Mydearchild Thu 07-Jan-16 12:17:55

ftm sounds like an exciting project! We are still waiting for our architect to come back to us with our final plans then it's submitting them to the council. Our next door neighbour is popping round on Sunday to have a look at our plans. Bit nervous of it really as we want to build to our shared boundary. I keep drooling over painted kitchens - just not sure how much the extension is going to cost yet as haven't approached builders. V v exciting though. It's my 40th next year so may throw myself a party in my new kitchen!

Titsywoo Thu 07-Jan-16 13:14:05

We did ours last so am happy to give any tips smile

We used DIY Kitchens and the kitchen is amazing! So much better than expected!

scrappydappydoo Thu 07-Jan-16 14:00:45

Aha - was just coming to post and ask a question about new kitchens/extensions. We're at the very beginning of the planning phase and struggling to see how we can best use the space. Basically we have an open plan kitchen/diner but its an awkward L shape due to supporting walls. We want to use the L shape as the kitchen and then build a conservatory style extension on the back which will be the 'dining space'. We'll probably get someone in like magnet to give us some ideas to plan from but I want to do some research if my own. Can someone point me to a place online to look for ideas for awkward kitchens?

christinarossetti Thu 07-Jan-16 14:05:12

I'm in. We've got planning permission, party wall agreement, neighbours on board, builder lined up, kitchen planned (though needs tweaking), but have loads of stuff to clear out.

Aiming to start end of Jan/beg of Feb.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 07-Jan-16 14:10:30

Got the builder lined up for March... (fingers crossed)

slicedfinger Thu 07-Jan-16 18:28:13

Muchatron have you looked at Murray & Murray in Glenrothes? They did a gorgeous kitchen for us in our old house. Ours was very much like this

MiaowTheCat Fri 08-Jan-16 11:59:03

Chaos central this morning as all our appliances are arriving! American fridge freezer won't fit in the shed to be stored in so we're having to use it as our actual fridge/freezer but without the water and ice functions shoved in the corner of the kitchen for the next month. Feels like I've been living with building dust and chaos forever at the moment.

kali43 Fri 08-Jan-16 20:30:22

scrappy have you tried Houzz?

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