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Forest Gate / Upton Park

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kirinm Mon 28-Dec-15 15:03:20

We want to buy in leyton / Leytonstone but I've been told people are paying stupid amounts over the asking price and that isn't an option for us so we might need to rethink our location. I work in the city and desperately want a fairly quick commute - currently on the train in zone 2 but it can take an hour most days to get home.

Has anyone got an opinion on Forest Gate? Upton Park keeps coming up on rightmove as does Plaistow. We are going to do some wandering around but don't really know where to start.

ftm123 Mon 28-Dec-15 23:04:16

Hi. I have recently moved to leytonstone having previously lived in stratford. I can't help much but will at least bump up your thread! 9 years ago we looked at forest gate, but were put off by commute as when we tried it out on a Saturday afternoon we couldn't get on a train to Liverpool Street. There are however plenty of buses down romford road to stratford. The more desirable part of forest gate is close to wanstead flats, I suspect not where you are suggesting, and probably as competitive as leytonstone.

We have always enjoyed a vegetarian south Indian meal on green street, though not sure if I would want to live there. Currently the parking is terrible in that area, and traffic can be gridlocked on match days. I presume the latter at least will improve when west ham relocate. The area has, IMO, a vibe of non-affluence.

In general I would say there is more housing available for a better price for a reason. Our estate agent tried to push us to houses off portway, towards plaistow. There are a number being refurbished there. The area is very mixed in housing stock, I get the impression a lot of bomb damage resulting in estates/flats I.e. not so pretty IMO. There are still plenty of Victorian terraces (although some developers are gutting and losing all features, but I also have the impression many houses may need gutting). I have been told west ham park area is attracting families. However the only family I know round Upton park intend to move out in a couple of years to somewhere they consider more family friendly.

Oh, I wouldn't recommend Newham hospital for babies.

Good luck, and don't be afraid to put in asking price or less offers in leytonstone especially if it is that or walk away. Having studied sold prices, and watched sold stc come back on the market I am not convinced it is quite what the estate agents say. Some houses even get reduced!

Gusthetheatrecat Tue 29-Dec-15 10:56:09

We live in Forest Gate and really love it. It is getting very expensive now, but is still very friendly and laid back. Lots of lovely family houses, Wanstead Flats provides a huge green space. Great primary school, fast-improving secondary. Lots of buzz around right now - independent coffee shop, independent pizza place opening up v soon, yoga studio under the railway arches. It's a wonderful place to have a family.
Obvs it is still very urban - some car crime, lots of litter, but it feels very safe despite that. We moved to Forest Gate from near Plaistow.

kirinm Tue 29-Dec-15 13:40:33

Thanks. We will check out Forest Gate but hoping we'll be lucky and have an offer accepted in our preferred location without having to offer £30k over the asking price! I didn't like the sound of Upton Park tbh.

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