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Wooden floors: rustic, select or prime grade ?

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Zoila15 Fri 25-Dec-15 23:31:12

I am in the process of having new solid oak floor installed in my dining room. Have never had solid oak floor before, so wood really appreciate some advice. The house is about 8 years old and relatively modern. I have ordered a few samples but it's difficult to say what the floor will look like just from a small piece of wood. Which grade will look good, cosy and not too busy: rustic, natural/ select or prime. I really want to get it right, so would appreciate advice.

bojorojo Fri 25-Dec-15 23:53:59

It is not necessary to have solid oak because often oak engineered floor is easier and cheaper to lay. Often cheaper to buy too. You also need to decide if you want strips or planks. Plank width is usually more expensive but strips is more of a busy look but usually cheaper. Hides knots better too. Why don't you visit a flooring showroom to see what the floor will look like? Or go on line to see room settings. The top manufacturers have lots of room settings to look at.

I think rustic suits cottages better but a mid range is fine in most settings. We have filled knots so consider if you want this. In a dining room, most people look at the table! I would pay close attention to the finish of the wood. Pre-finished is often easier to look after but some people like to apply finishes themselves. Moving chairs on wood all the time can scratch it, so do consider this. Solid oak can be re sanded time and time again but engineered only about twice. However, as you really ever going to do this? Engineered is better with underfloor heating. Hope this helps.

Zoila15 Sat 26-Dec-15 08:00:27

Thank you very much for such detailed advice. Much appreciated!

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