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Boiler pump problem PIGLET JOHN

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cittigirl Mon 21-Dec-15 21:25:29

My boiler started playing up last week. The plumber/heating engineer came and said it's the pump that's not working. He switched off the pump or removed it, I don't remember but he got the boiler working again and said it would okay for a few days until he could come back to replace it which was meant to be tomorrow! He's now said it will have to be after Christmas. Do you think the boiler should be okay or am I best not using it at all? TIA

cittigirl Mon 21-Dec-15 23:03:58

Bump for pigletjohn or anyone else in the know

PigletJohn Tue 22-Dec-15 01:03:54

If it is working the pump must be going.

If it is a reasonably modern boiler and not solid fuel, it will just stop working if the pump fails. If will not blow up.

cittigirl Tue 22-Dec-15 02:49:29

Oh, he said he'd switched the pump off which would mean the water would take longer to come through hot. My concern was damaging the boiler more and costing me more money to fix. Thanks smile

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