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Which improvement should I make, a set room, a drive or wood burning stove?

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howtorebuild Sat 19-Dec-15 21:25:34

I have a small 70's grey bathroom, I would prefer a shower/wet room.

I have a garage at the rear of my property, accessible via a shared access. Parking on the road isn't problematic.

I have a closed up chimney breast and no fitted fire surround.

I am not sure which to go for, costs and what makes the house more sellable or adds the most value.

I have just one wc in the bathroom. It's a small bungalow, if that information helps you advise me.

IrenetheQuaint Sat 19-Dec-15 21:27:18

Which would make you happiest?

howtorebuild Sat 19-Dec-15 21:34:14

I don't think any would bring me actual joy.

IrenetheQuaint Sat 19-Dec-15 22:21:48

Would any of them make your life significantly easier?

I think that ripping out the bath (if that's what you're planning) would probably reduce the value, especially given that it's a bungalow and prospective buyers may therefore be elderly people who prefer baths, but I may be wrong.

No idea between drive v. woodburner; I love my stove but know that many people are put off by on-street parking.

specialsubject Sat 19-Dec-15 22:41:07

woodburner means log store, chopping, carrying, lighting, cleaning, extra dusting. If you don't love all that don't bother!

wickedwaterwitch Sat 19-Dec-15 22:43:56

Bathroom, definitely


- there is a garage and anyway, you can park easily
- the chimney breast is closed and presumably you have central heating?
- the bathroom is something you'll use a lot and doing it might add value - certainly more than the other two IMO

wickedwaterwitch Sat 19-Dec-15 22:45:13

I wouldn't lose the bath though if it's the only bathroom and you're thinking about resale

You can compromise with a wet room effect with a bath I'd have thought

ENtertainmentAppreciated Sat 19-Dec-15 22:46:03

Are you thinking of selling soon or staying? If staying, how long for do you reckon?

GiddyOnZackHunt Sat 19-Dec-15 22:48:56

Are you looking to the resale value? In which case a nice new white bathroom but not sure about a wet room.
If it's just for living with then whichever would give you the most value for money.

howtorebuild Sat 19-Dec-15 22:51:46

I am going to stay for a good while yet.

I also wonder about a conservatory. I have a base and dwarf walls in place I could use, though not specifically for a conservatory. I don't know the rough cost of any of these jobs or what value they would add. A conservatory would bring me joy as we have no second reception room.

80sMum Sat 19-Dec-15 22:56:12

My wood burner has brought joy! But then, I also wouldn't like to go back to only having a bath and no shower. So, I am torn!

On reflection, I think the new bathroom might be best for you. But don't have a wet room. They're horrible.

IrenetheQuaint Sat 19-Dec-15 22:56:39

I reckon a conservatory might add more value than the other options, both to the house and to your daily life. Mine is fantastic though I know people on here have mixed views.

ivykaty44 Sat 19-Dec-15 23:01:28

If its a bungalow and you want a wet room I would do this

Elderly often require a wet room as it is easy for them to put a chair into and sit and shower. Often baths for elderly are not used as they can't get in and out.

So bungalow's and wetrooms are a good idea

I'm going to fit a fluless gas log burner, no work but 100% efficiency fire that looks good

howtorebuild Sat 19-Dec-15 23:02:50

How much does a conservatory roughly cost to fit per square meter? I have a raised area that could possibly be used as a base, as the garden slopes away, it's a bit like a balcony.

Floralnomad Sat 19-Dec-15 23:06:54

We use our conservatory all year but off street parking would be an absolute must have for me and I don't mean a garage as I've never put a car away ( except my old classic) so of your original choices I'd go for a drive .

GiddyOnZackHunt Sat 19-Dec-15 23:30:01

If you could have a proper garden room that's useable all year rather than a conservatory that's cold in winter and hot in summer then that and improving the bathroom would be my choice. Get quotes. Ask the EA who sold you the house what would add value and see how you feel about spending the money on things. You might think £20k on a sunroom and bathroom will be used daily and add a lot of value. Or a woodburner might be used a few times a year and cost £1500.

Postchildrenpregranny Sat 19-Dec-15 23:36:31

We added a conservatory extension to our kitchen. It has made a huge improvement to our house .It was about £9,000 12 years ago 3m by3m Bathroom would be my second thing

knaffedoff Sat 19-Dec-15 23:47:35

I live in a 4 bed New build detached house and had a small log burning stove installed earlier this year. I absolutely love it, however it has to be very cold to use it. We have to open all doors to allow the heat to escape and have been known to open the external doors and windows as its been uncomfortably hot!!!! My in laws own a bungalow and I doubt I very much if the stove would be practical in a smaller space.

ENTirelyTrimmedUpForChristmas Sun 20-Dec-15 10:53:54

Depends on your budget then but I'd go for refitting to bathroom so that every day when you use it, it's to your taste.

Get a quote from three reputable local plumbers or small builders.

Next get the builders or a specialist conservatory firms to quote you for a conservatory/sun room.
What direction does your back garden face? that's a big consideration for working out how usable it'd be all year round.
The extra space would be useful, but I'm not a fan of conservatories generally and avoid them. We had one once and it was a pain in the neck to keep clean. I swear every fly, spider, butterfly, wasp, bee and insect in the neighbourhood tried to set up home in it confused

When you've got the quotes for the work on your actual home, you can have a good think about it.

regretsihaveafew Sun 20-Dec-15 15:50:35

I love my wood burner. I have a bungalow and when it's burning full pelt I open the doors of all the other rooms for the warm air to circulate. Although not in the most freezing weather.

I would prefer a bath with shower over to a wet room, they aren't so popular dated when trying to sell up. It would put me off buying.

I would prefer a larger garden to a conservatory which takes a lot of glass cleaning and heating and takes a chunk out of the garden.

But that's me. Just make your home for you, have what you like, do what makes it comfortable and lovely to come home to.

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Mon 21-Dec-15 03:47:37

Definitely the bathroom. Personally, I would not do a conservatory as i hate the things. But old people, who are the main purchasers of bungalows, love them.

My pil have recently ripped their bath out of their bungalow and replaced it with a wet room, as they can no longer get in and out of the bath. My parents have two bathrooms in their bungalow, they have recently turned one into a wet room. I can't remember them using the bath in the bathroom in years.

Normally I'd say dont lose the bath, but i think in a bungalow you'd be ok.

howtorebuild Mon 21-Dec-15 11:30:27

I think the choice has been made for me. My water company are offering to replace the toilet and other things for free, to save water and utility bills. A white toilet, possibly not lined up to the tiles and the rest of the bathroom grey is going to look worse than an all grey bathroom.

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