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Ikea kitchen countertops

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Pinkandwhite Fri 18-Dec-15 18:44:17


Does anyone know whether these countertops can be used for an existing kitchen?

I want to change our countertops but don't have a big budget.


Katarzyna79 Fri 18-Dec-15 18:53:36

yes they can the link says they can be cut to your desired length, used above a dishwasher but make sure no wet rooms.

As soon as I saw it I told the agent those countertops around the sink will start going black from contact with splashing water doing dishes. Sure enough it started and got worse month by month.

It stains easily too and since I used spices a lot near the cooker I couldn't do anything to prevent it apart from putting down those glass surface protectors.

They sent a handyman he said these are the worst countertops for homes especially around the sink, if it wont be in contact with water except a damp cloth for cleaning its fine otherwise don't get it.

They need a special type of oil not varnish don't get the wrong one like my husband did or all the surface goes sticky. Oiling needs to be done every 6 weeks to protect it. I thought they were budget but our handyman said no theyre actually expensive, he was mistaken.

I would go for granite effect on budget at least you wont have to worry about treating it or it getting wet, and it can look good too.

Moving15 Sat 19-Dec-15 23:48:37

I have had this work top for 10 years in my IKEA kitchen. A kitchen fitter could fit this worktop to any existing kitchen.

My work top has not gone black and mouldy. Wooden worktops only do that if they aren't looked after properly. The work top comes with care instructions and you can pick up the oil from IKEA for treating the surface. I do it approx every 6 months to a year. The areas that get wet more or heated more, I.e near sinks or cookers, will need many coats. The wood soaks in most of the oil and you wipe off the excess. If you put too much oil on it can feel sticky.

Manopaws Sun 20-Dec-15 09:22:40

The only thing you will need o check is how wide they are.

MFI cabinets use to be 10mm deeper than other makes so you had to buy special worktops for them and not the standard B&Q ones. apart from that they'll be fine.

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