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Guttering and downpipe

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Whitecoconut Fri 18-Dec-15 15:46:54

I'm having a porch built. The builder wants to place the downpipe into the ground so basically rain water will be draining into the ground and soil. I'm not sure if this is a good idea? Would it be better if the downpipe stops just above the ground?

Out2pasture Fri 18-Dec-15 15:57:43

I'm familiar with down pipes connecting to the drain tiles underground at the footing of the house. You might need him to explain more.

Whitecoconut Fri 18-Dec-15 16:01:12

The pipe will not be connecting into any drain. Water just goes into the ground, that's what he said.

slicedfinger Fri 18-Dec-15 16:06:42

We had something like this in a old house. It was linked to a soak away, but a good distance from the house underground. Not connected to any drains. I wouldn't recommend it if you have clay soil. Ours was OK most of the time, but in really heavy downpours our garden flooded quickly, and took overnight to clear.

Whitecoconut Fri 18-Dec-15 16:10:14

We are on clay soil. The downpipe is in the front of the house. The builder didn't mention soak away.

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