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Perfect house vs perfect location

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Allbymyselfagain Thu 17-Dec-15 19:09:37

House hunting and seen a couple of good ones. One is the nicer house, lots of potential to become a home but whilst the area is nice it's not very central/near transport/nightlife etc, think family village rather than town centre.
The other is an unusual layout, not sure how I feel about having a living room on a different floor to the kitchen, smaller rooms, master bedroom in the attic but it is near a town centre with all the pluses that brings.
So I'm asking for opinions, is the house or the location more important.

I do need to move now so I can't wait around for the perfect house in the perfect location especially as prices just seem to go up daily and I'm already close to the top of my budget.

Twowrongsdontmakearight Thu 17-Dec-15 19:19:14

I'd probably prioritise location. You can change lots about a house but not its location.

Roygrace Thu 17-Dec-15 19:19:50


80sMum Thu 17-Dec-15 19:23:06

I think location is very important.

Floggingmolly Thu 17-Dec-15 19:27:51

Me too. If the location isn't all that; it's not the perfect house...

MisForMumNotMaid Thu 17-Dec-15 19:27:54

I've chosen both at different times. On balance i think location wins.

Our current house when purchased was location over everything.

Over time we've adapted it to our needs and tastes.

The day to day convenience and opportunities that exist because of being geographically where we need to be out way the beauty and size of our last house.

Allbymyselfagain Thu 17-Dec-15 19:38:47

unusual layout

bad location

Allbymyselfagain Thu 17-Dec-15 19:40:17

Yes I think I'm erring towards location. I can wait a little bit longer maybe two more months to find something perfect just have to cross fingers prices don't go up more in the meantime.

Moving15 Thu 17-Dec-15 20:02:42

I think it depends on your lifestyle. We spend a lot of time at home and a lot of our socialising is also around our home so the house is more important to us than the location. However if you spend a lot of time out and about in your local town centre then you will benefit from being closer to it.

Brokenwardrobe Thu 17-Dec-15 20:16:53

Lovely views from the Rochester house

Brokenwardrobe Thu 17-Dec-15 20:18:19

Also, you can convert the garage into a sitting room and boom, you have a normal layout and a 4 bed house smile

museumum Thu 17-Dec-15 20:20:39

Location. Nothing is more precious than time to me so being near stuff and easier school run and commute will always win.

Allbymyselfagain Thu 17-Dec-15 20:30:39

That's a great idea broken I didn't think of that! Although that would be a long way into the future. This purchase is going to skint me for a long time.

I'm erring on the unusual layout one too. Although haven't seen either of them yet in person all your advice has been very helpful. I'm scratching lordswood back off the options list, it is just too far away from where the rest of my life will be.

Brokenwardrobe Thu 17-Dec-15 20:51:22

I love remodelling other people's house! grin

Brokenwardrobe Thu 17-Dec-15 20:51:50


MisForMumNotMaid Thu 17-Dec-15 20:53:06

On street view for the first one, unusual layout, many of the neighbours have done that conversion so if you like it you could knock and ask if you could see a conversion and get a heads up for costs etc.

MisForMumNotMaid Thu 17-Dec-15 20:59:51

Even better, photos and floor plans of inside one of the neighbours who've done the conversion. They've got a side entry front door and integrated the corridor into garage/ lounge to make it a big space.

Allbymyselfagain Thu 17-Dec-15 21:09:34

Oh oh oh walk in wardrobe! I could do that easy. Ok I'm sold. Thank you

perrita Thu 17-Dec-15 21:31:12

Go for the location. We bought the perfect house in a bad location and I've regretted it pretty much every single day

Bearbehind Thu 17-Dec-15 21:36:03

I don't know the area very well but I thought Lordswood was the posher bit of Chatham so, whilst the location might not be better for you, it is perceived to be better in terms of house prices generally.

Allbymyselfagain Thu 17-Dec-15 22:19:44

Yes bear I grew up in lordswood, on paper it is everything you would want; good schools, quiet location, lots of green space and a friendly atmosphere. On the other hand the Rochester one is actually strood which is not considered as nice an area.
However for me, my friends, my gym and run club, my high speed to London is all based in strood so for me whilst lordswood is the nicest area on paper strood is where I would be happier. For example a taxi from a night out with my friends would be £30 and I would have no one to share that cost with.

In simplest terms in my head, lordswood=family centric, strood= single person

I'm not sure what you mean when you say it is percieved to be better in terms of house prices generally, could you explain?

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