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Any handy people around?

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cressetmama Thu 17-Dec-15 15:21:54

How does one remove the screw-mounted remains of a light bulb from the (awkwardly angled) wall light fitting, without breaking the plastic lamp holder, please? It has rusted in place and the glass has already broken. I have several sets of pliers handy. Has to be done in daylight hours so that gets DH off the hook (but he did break it).

CanadianJohn Thu 17-Dec-15 18:09:42

If I understand you correctly, the glass of the bulb has broken, and you want to unscrew the remains of the bulb. I would probably use needle-nose pliers. I have read that you can jam a fruit such as an apple or a potato into the remains of the element, but I've never tried it.

You have got the power turned off, right?

PigletJohn Thu 17-Dec-15 21:48:00

Turn off the power

get a carrot. Whittle it down so it fits in the stump of the lightbulb. Insert. Push. Twist.

GreenTomatoJam Thu 17-Dec-15 21:59:51

Piglet, awesome as always, I shall add that to my arsenal of top tips.

cressetmama Fri 18-Dec-15 09:07:04

Now that is one useful trick PigletJohn. You are a legend!

StoptheRavelry Fri 18-Dec-15 09:19:11

You may want to spray with WD40 before you attempt the carrot trick. If it's very rusty you might not find it works.

btw rust in an electrical fitting is concerning.

How has it got damp?

CanadianJohn Fri 18-Dec-15 13:24:52

The OP said "screw-mounted", so I assume it is screw-in bulb with a rounded "knuckle" thread, not a bayonet (push and turn) fitting.

cressetmama Fri 18-Dec-15 20:06:28

It's a long narrow screw-mount fitting! I don't think there's any damp in the mounting; it has just been a good lamp! Hasn't needed changing in a while. Can I safely spray WD40 into an electrical socket? I thought about it, then decided against.

PigletJohn Fri 18-Dec-15 20:41:19

I think you mean a small Edison Screw, about the size of a finger? ordinary ES is about an inch.

It's surprising if it has rusted into place if it's indoors. The part in the lampholder might be brass, but the thread on the lamp is probably plated steel. Once you have moved it a fraction, it should become loose and unscrew easily. If the lampholder turns out to be plastic, it may be heat-damaged.

WD40 would probably not do any harm, but may be flammable while you are spraying. It might be difficult to squirt it between the male and female parts. Assuming you can get the old lamp out, and it is corroded, you could squirt WD40 onto a rag and rub it on the thread of the new lamp, but WD40 is said to contain fish-oil so it will probably smoke away when it gets hot. Other lubricants are available but may be unsuitable in an electrical fitting.

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