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Planning permission - new application for outbuilding compromises approved plans

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gingeroots Thu 17-Dec-15 13:36:15

Our neighbour has a large plot of land behind his detached house .

He has received approval to create a new access road and build 2 houses . No work has been started and he has subsequently had a permitted development and a certificate of lawfulness granted for 2 different house extension proposals .

A further certificate of lawfulness is now being considered for a large outbuilding .

My concern is that as things are at the moment the outbuilding may just be 2 metres from the boundary ( and the proposed height therefore permissable ) and that the certificate will be granted .And then work will begin on the access road and new houses and it will no longer be 2 metres from the boundary .

My other ,main ,concern is that the outbuilding is in fact a garage and that the cars and motorbikes used by the 3 generations of the house will use the new access road .The road will run under our windows and the planners granted permission for it's creation on the assumption that there would be minimal traffic ,only that generated by the 2 new houses .

So ...can planners take into consideration what "would" be there if the first approved plans are acted on ????

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