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Neighbours exhaust vented into our side

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sukone Mon 14-Dec-15 21:05:41

We have started our new extension which involves increasing the height of our garage. During the process of dismantling of garage we noticed neighbours exhaust has been vented onto our garage. This would have been done during their extension which was done right onto the boundary.

Our builder says to resolve the matter quickly he will pass the vent through our garage and pass it out through its new roof. This does not sound right to me and i have spoken to the neighbour and told her that we should move her vent to the front of her property instead ( this is how our kitchen vent is with both hobs in the same place) she said initially that is fine. Now she has come back saying she does not like that idea as that would make the length of her exhaust just over 3 meters and she recons that is not good and also because we are building why she should inconvenience herself, to which I told her if she had her venting done properly in the first place and not vented onto our garage she would not have had any issues. I think i am being very considerate in talking to her about options instead of just blocking her vent. Any comments and suggestion in this matter would be very welcome.

Also please note during her extension she build her wall next to our garage wall without any gap, it was advised by surveyors it is better to do flashing to avoid water logging we are having to involve partywall surveyor as we have to do this. But I am not sure if the vent issue comes under partywall act.

amarmai Tue 15-Dec-15 13:53:00

agree she has to move the vent . Had a similar problem with a garage built by NDN right on the property line so that the gutter was overhanging my yard and the down spout disgorged onto my property. Turned out that he was breaking bylaws and was forced by the buyer of my house to move the whole shebang.

DickDewy Tue 15-Dec-15 14:43:26

By 'exhaust' do you mean the grille from her extractor fan?

Unless it actually crosses the boundary, your neighbour is not in breach of the regulations.

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