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Elina20 Sun 13-Dec-15 14:45:43

We are planning to relocate from London-Kingston to...Birmingham or Derby?! It's me, my husband and our precious 6 months old baby. We are very friendly, looking for a place to rise a family. We are both Staff Nurses so our home will be close to a hospital. Please give us some advice!
We don't know what to choose. We've been to visit Birmingham once, and, to be honest I think we've been in a wrong area, otherwise can't understand. Birmingham can't look like worse parts of London..dirty, and scary! That was my first impression. However, will go again to see Birmingham and Derby this time.

StoptheRavelry Wed 16-Dec-15 09:41:28

I don't know, sorry! But bumping for you in case anyone does.

Maybe try starting another thread with 'Birmingham or Derby' as the title?


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