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Flooring - was going to have laminate but now thinking vinyl

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OrangeFlamingo Sat 12-Dec-15 04:49:46

We were originally planning on laying laminate in our house - it's a 1970s build with old carpets. Underneath is a concrete floor on the ground floor and chipboard flooring upstairs that is a bit creaky. The upstairs is noisy enough as it is, so we've now been put off laminate because of the extra noise (especially as the kids stomp around upstairs).

Vinyl has caught our eye, we are thinking either Gerflor Texline Comfort or something from Karndean. Vinyl seems to tick all our boxes, as the Gerflor one is good for reducing sound and is waterproof and we have lots of french windows upstairs and they occasionally get left open in the rain. We'd use the same floor in the bathrooms.

We can't afford wood.

Has anyone used either Gerflor or Karndean and do they look like real wood? Are they hardwearing? We'll probably get a dog at some stage so would need something tough.


wowfudge Sat 12-Dec-15 05:13:56

We've got Polyflor Colonia in our bathroom. Polyflor make lvt flooring for commercial/industrial use and have expanded into the domestic market. Cheaper than Karndean and every bit as good. It looks great and I'm very pleased with it.

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