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Royal Mail have lost my paperwork for mortgage application

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Eugenie76 Fri 11-Dec-15 18:16:26

So I sent off bank statements payslips etc via signed delivery and they haven't arrived. I am now in the process of trying to get duplicates. My bank statements are fine as I have on line banking. But my husband doesn't. Does anyone know if Barclays will reprint statements whilst you wait in the branch? We need them before Monday.

BananaPie Fri 11-Dec-15 22:47:36

Yep, most banks will do this. There may be a fee!

IrisInBloom Fri 11-Dec-15 22:48:45

Barclays can and will, they also often have kiosks in branch which you can use to print off statements. They won't be originals (i.e. with address etc) but will show your ins and outs which should be all you need (I used online copies for my mortgage application which was fine as I wasn't using them to prove my address)

Fizrim Fri 11-Dec-15 22:52:57

Ugh, that sounds like a whole heap of stress that you don't need!

You might need to check if they will take printed versions of online statements as I know my conveyancers were cautious in case there was not enough detail of the bank on them. Mine were OK (not Barclays) so I'm not entirely sure what they were looking for, tbh!

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