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carpets stink!

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movingonup2015 Fri 11-Dec-15 13:55:20

I am just coming to the end of renovating my house and last weekend I hired a rug doctor to clean all the carpets.
I don't currently live in the house so it was difficult to leave the windows open and heating on but after I had cleaned all the carpets the windows were open for around 4 hours and then the same the next day.

Getting up there in the week is difficult as I currently live quite far away from the house so travelling up there before work in the morning to open the windows isn't an option and they don't have the things on them to lock them when they are open a little bit.

So anyway during the week I manage to get up there for 2 hours max so every evening last week I had the heating on for 2 hours to get them all dry, then last night I walked into the house and was hit by the smell of sewerage! My first thoughts were the toilets/sinks etc checked them all and no smells from anywhere plumbing related and finally after an hour found the smell was coming from the landing stairs and hall carpets!

All the other carpets that I washed do not smell its just these. I am assuming because they've had no ventilation or much heat they have dried "damp" so now they stink.

I threw a whole large bottle of bicarb soda down and left overnight, hoovered it all up and the smell is still there!

Any ideas what else I can use please bearing in mind opening windows all day isn't going to be an option!

lalalonglegs Fri 11-Dec-15 14:21:14

Are you sure the smell is coming from the carpets and not something damp underneath? Could the carpets be sitting on old carpet that has got wet in washing process and now can't dry out? Could the underlay be wet? You initially said the smell was sewerage-y - I've found dead mice make a really unpleasant drain-like smell that takes about a week or more to go.

wowfudge Fri 11-Dec-15 14:42:33

Unless something was wrong with the carpet cleaning machine or the technique used to clean them (sorry OP, I don't want to offend you) they shouldn't have been wet, just felt a bit damp to the touch. It also depends what sort of carpet - if they are the felt backed sort that might hold more water

movingonup2015 Fri 11-Dec-15 15:17:09

the underlay could be wet yes that's a possibility.. they are particularly bad in one area where we accidentally spilled the tank onto the carpet! (was trying to get the upholstery tool connected and it was really fiddly so pulled the machine backwards for better angle and spilt the tank!) and obviously I haven't gone over it again properly to suck up all the water - also the only other difference between these carpets and the rest was that I did them twice as they were so dirty..

They were definitely damp for several days, had to wear those plastic shoe cover things over my socks when I went back up as obviously Im not going to wear my shoes over the clean carpets and my socks had wet patches when walking over them so im guessing I have over soaked them too much.

Im not sure what type of carpet it is although I think it has a hessian backing?

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