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Which kitchen? Please vote!

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lugo40 Fri 11-Dec-15 11:54:22

We are renovating our house to sell. Please tell me which kitchen you would like most in a house. Thank you

PenguindreamsofDraco Fri 11-Dec-15 11:59:52

First one. But frankly I'd be looking to redo any kitchen in any house I bought, so if the rest of the house is what I'm looking for, I really wouldn't care what the kitchen looked like.

Costacoffeeplease Fri 11-Dec-15 11:59:52

1 or 2 - what material are the worktops?

ggirl Fri 11-Dec-15 12:04:44

the two lighter ones

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 11-Dec-15 12:06:07

The middle one.

lugo40 Fri 11-Dec-15 12:08:18

thank you. The work tops are:

1) a grey quartz
2) a black granite
3) a marble effect quartz

for 1 and 2 though i would be tempted to try a slate worktop but that might be better saved for a house i will be staying in. I have a feeling most people would prefer granite.

AliceInUnderpants Fri 11-Dec-15 12:09:22


wonkylegs Fri 11-Dec-15 12:11:20

I love the 3rd one but I think it would be a very personal choice. Either of the other two would probably be more suitible in your situation but I hate black granite worktops. I think they are very overused in most houses we looked at. I felt awful taking ours out when we bought this house as they are expensive (and it was the only decent thing in the room) but the kitchen looks much better with a pale one.

lubeybooby Fri 11-Dec-15 12:13:05

The middle one

Purely person for me as I like opaque top cupboards rather than glass fronted or just a shelf

DamsenBerry Fri 11-Dec-15 12:13:07

My vote goes to number 2 or 3!

GingerIvy Fri 11-Dec-15 12:15:54

I like 2 and 3. Number one looks positively clinical to me.

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Fri 11-Dec-15 12:22:42

In order of preference - 3, 2, 1 (and I'm not keen on 1 at all).

Our experience of fitting kitchens in houses we planned to sell is that the kitchens have been the main thing that sold the house, certainly not that the buyer planned to rip out and start again. Several houses we sold still have the kitchen we fitted quite a few years down the line - but we tend to choose timeless, classic in-frame units that can be repainted and updated if/when necessary.......

SwedishEdith Fri 11-Dec-15 12:35:18

1 for me <helpful> Feels more open. Like the lack of wall cupboards.

StompyFreckles Fri 11-Dec-15 12:39:46

First one

notarehearsal Fri 11-Dec-15 12:42:32

middle one

Archfarchnad Fri 11-Dec-15 12:44:26

Middle one

FinnMcCool Fri 11-Dec-15 12:48:15

2 or 3. there needs to be a contrast between the units and the top imo.

Stasie Fri 11-Dec-15 12:50:32

first or third - white with black worktops doesn't do it for me. I like the grey tops with white or the dark cabinets with white worktop.

ToElleWithIt Fri 11-Dec-15 12:52:24

2 or 3. The lack of wall cupboards in 1 would be seriously offputting.

Sidge Fri 11-Dec-15 12:56:14

1 or 3 (but only if 3 wasn't Shaker style doors).

I'm not keen on black granite, and I'm not keen on anything other than flat fronted cupboard doors so not Shaker style etc. The grooves and trim are a pain to keep clean - far easier to wipe down flat gloss cupboards.

lalalonglegs Fri 11-Dec-15 13:01:03

Last one (but don't like the handles on any of them). Are they show kitchens? The drawers in the first one look a bit wonky, if so confused.

lugo40 Fri 11-Dec-15 13:03:18

Thank you all so much. I should have been clearer that the photographs were to illustrate the units and worktop rather than layout.
It seems option 2 is the preference with some disagreement on worktop. Option 2 is actually panted in a pale grey colour so I could do light or dark worktop. Here are some similar units to show the different worktop options. There is black granite, a pale granite and a grey slate. Please let me know your thoughts.

CFSsucks Fri 11-Dec-15 13:22:55

None, sorry. I really don't like the dark one, it would immediately put me off. I am also put off by no wall cupboards and I think the contrast with the cabinets and the dark top in the second one is too much.

Kitchens are very personal. I would not be looking at putting in an expensive one to sell a house as you have no idea what the buyer would want. One house we were going to buy had a brand new kitchen in, the exact type I hate (white gloss, hardly any cupboards) and I would have ripped the lot out which seems like a huge waste.

I'd go for something classic and basic to tart it up to sell. Plenty of storage then if they want door front and work tops could easily be changed.

GingerIvy Fri 11-Dec-15 13:28:34

if you are doing this strictly to renovate to sell, I think you are putting far too much thought into it. Update it simply with plenty of storage (as CFS has stated) and make it so that it will be easy to upgrade or change for the new owners.

People seem to have a real desire to make their own stamp on the kitchen of a house and often have very definite ideas what they want. By making it anything other than classic/basic, you risk putting off any potential buyers that might not like the style you choose. Making it basic with a view to leaving it a "blank canvas" for upgrading or decorating would mean less expense making changes for new buyers, which IMO would be much better.

Marmitelover55 Fri 11-Dec-15 13:29:18

I like one but am not keen on the shelves. I don't like wall cupboards either so would probably put up a pan rack or something instead. I also can't stand black granite as I think it sucks up the light.

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