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Homebuyers report help

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enigmafire Thu 10-Dec-15 20:37:50

Hello all

First time poster here but i need some help.

I paid Nationwide £150 on top of the valuation to do a Homebuyers survey.

Yesterday they send me an electronic document to say the valuation was ok and they are happy to lend the money (a mortgage offer)

I am a bit confused. Am i supposed to receive some kind of report in the post or is that it? Have they not found any issues so have no need to send me anything?

I would have thought i will get some kind of notification to say we have done they survey and you will receive it in a fe days.....ect

I will give them a ring but thought i would just try on here first.

To simplify the question do you receive a report in the post or electronically when a homebuyers survey is done???

Thanks smile

Moving15 Thu 10-Dec-15 21:27:26

More is on its way to you. You probably need to chase it or you will be waiting for god knows how long...Here is my story...I had my homebuyers report done via nationwide last month. They contracted out to countrywide surveyors and the individual surveyor contacted us the day before he did the survey to introduce himself and ask if we had any specific concerns. I promptly sent him a list smile
The day after the survey was carried out nationwide confirmed they had received a satisfactory valuation (I called them for this info as they didn't let me know). The valuation is the only bit that nationwide are interested in. The surveyor himself then emailed me a list of answers to the specific questions I had asked and said the full report had already been approved by his supervisor and would be sent to us shortly. Well I couldn't wait so the next day I called countrywide who told me that as I hadn't signed off the disclaimer contract thingy they could release the report. Of course they hadn't bothered sending me the disclaimer contract thingy so after a few more pleasantly tone please and thank you phone calls they kindly emailed it to me. We signed it and scanned it in and emailed it back. After 3 further please and thank you ever so much phone calls they emailed us the full report. I had a few further questions arising from the survey and emailed those directly to the surveyor. He replied within 24/hours.
In summary, excellent service from Mr Surveyor. Red tape from countrywide.
Do you know who did your survey for you?

enigmafire Sat 12-Dec-15 12:36:48

Thanks for the reply Moving15

You were correct. Yesterday I received a letter from Countrywide Surveyors asking me to sign and return a form to them so they can send me my homebuyers report.

Is it just me or does this seem like a bit of a daft process. I have to sign and return a form to get them to send a report relating to a survey they have already done and that i have already paid for.

Well thank very much for your help on this smile

Moving15 Sat 12-Dec-15 14:05:48

Yes it is completely stupid and you will encounter a few more silly processes over the next few weeks. Consider this as resilience training haha.
Sign the form and email it back if you can scan it in? They will then immediately email you the report if you call them and plead urgency. Happy reading x

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