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JE1234 Thu 10-Dec-15 12:41:58

Having been through a hellish couple of years DH and I have decided to start anew will the DCs and DSS. Can anyone suggest areas that would fit this wish list?
- good primary and secondary schools
- very low crime rate (this is v important, one of our reasons for moving in related to a violent burglary)
- rural or semi-rural
- somewhere with a tourist industry/AONB as we would like to run a self catering holiday let in addition to our home.
- Budget for a detached up to £750k preferably with an annexe or separate holiday let in the grounds (I'm not asking for you to find a property, just giving an idea of our budget in case that is prohibitive in some areas)
- We can move anywhere in the UK but would prefer England or Scotland.

Hopefully some areas will fit that huge brief! Ideas of specific towns, villages, areas would be really appreciated.

The kids are onboard with the idea and DSS' mum is not on the scene at all. We have few family and our friends are spread all over the UK so suggestions far and wide would be great.


Sunnyshores Thu 10-Dec-15 14:55:10

I love Wiltshire, proper unspoilt countryside and lovely period properties with lots of space - I prefer Devizes area but the schools arent great, so Marlborough or Chippenham/Corsham surrounds would be better. Not sure how close you could get to Bath with that budget but holiday lets there are rented all year round.

JE1234 Thu 10-Dec-15 16:23:38

Thanks Sunnyshores, I've just had a look and there are some gorgeous houses in the area. They'll definitely go on the list. Does anyone have any recommendations for areas of Cornwall, Northumberland, Norfolk, Lake District or Scottish Highlands and Islands? Thanks again

JT05 Thu 10-Dec-15 17:20:30

Have a look at SW Scotland. Low crime rate, excellent schools, lovely beaches, tourists and very friendly locals!

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