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The Colour Flooring Company

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TremoloGreen Tue 08-Dec-15 14:30:32

Has anyone used them? I like the idea of their rubber or even vinyl floors for the kitchen. I don't want to fit it myself as I won't be able to do the seam properly - no point having a uni-colour floor if not seamless I reckon. Did it cost a fortune to have someone fit it (i.e. considerably more than regular sheet vinyl?)

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Tue 08-Dec-15 15:30:32

Yes - was very pleased with the results. Looks like new 2 yrs later. Put in vinyl rather than rubber as I read that rubber stains and figured that DH would drip tea all over it and not mop it up and might not survive it.

Would be handy if it came in wider rolls though.
The seam is visible but goes across a bay window under a table and is buried under some appliances so not v noticeable and doesn't trap dirt or anything. Possibly my fitter wasn't very good or that's how it's supposed to look. It wasn't any more expensive than regular vinyl laying. The cost is in getting a perfectly flat subfloor.

TremoloGreen Tue 08-Dec-15 15:47:10

Thanks - good to know about rubber - DH is also a muppet when it comes to that sort of thing! Our floor is very level but they will probably want to do a feather finish regardless. Also good to know about the seam, it shouldn't be very visible, but I will have a look at where it would lie.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Tue 08-Dec-15 16:48:48

If you search rubber flooring on MN you will find quite a few threads on rubber flooring, particularly from people who bought the white spot look. Invaluable assistance grin I don't think this particular company sell it though.

I think our kitchen is just under 3m wide [about 10m long] at it's widest point so we laid it length wise up against the kitchen units [not underneath it] and then two strips were added to fill the gaps where the fridge/freezer sit and the bay window which has a table in it. If there had been a seam the whole length of the kitchen I would have looked for another product with a wider run.

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