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Water dripping through ceiling - yikes!

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passingcloud Mon 07-Dec-15 21:54:40

Got home this evening and noticed a crack in dining room ceiling. Started doing some work at the dining table....and realised that I was being slowly dripped on. Got up to examine where the drip was coming from, and found that there's a wet patch about the size of a piece of A4 on the ceiling - gone totally soft, so a finger pokes straight through. Eeek! The bathroom is directly above which is the obvious culprit. So I am guessing I need to get a plumber round ASAP?? BUT - our bathroom floor is tiled, and the sides of the bath are also tiled. Will a plumber need to take up the floor to even see what's happening? And is that the sort of thing a plumber will be able to do? Obviously am keen to solvethe problem first and then deal with the cosmetic stuff after -- but this is one of those moments where I feel very out of my depth with practical domestic things!! Any advice gratefully received...

timeforabrewnow Mon 07-Dec-15 21:58:37

Don't have a bath/shower tonight and yes yes, get a plumber! We had a similar problem in our kitchen with water coming from the bathroom, and it was fixed by taking the panel off the side of the bath.

passingcloud Mon 07-Dec-15 22:03:12

Thanks... yes I fear it probably will need taking some of bath or floor up...problem is that it's all tiled so not going to be straightforward to just put back! Sigh....

lalalonglegs Mon 07-Dec-15 22:40:59

If the plumber can't see anything from the bathroom, he may find it easier to remove the soaked bit of ceiling to see if the leak is coming from pipework directly above that. The wet bit of ceiling would have to be redone anyway if it's got that saturated so don't worry about it. It's unlikely that the whole bathroom will have to be torn apart.

passingcloud Mon 07-Dec-15 23:19:37

Ah good thought - that feels a bit less daunting!

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