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Builder's botched job costing £1500+ to fix, what recourse do I have?

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whataboutbob Mon 07-Dec-15 10:37:35

To keep it as brief as possible: hired a builder in August 2013 to renovate my dad's rental flat. Amongst others he put in a new shower. christmas 2014 there was a large leak in the bathroom which he fixed.
Since this year's students moved in a large amount of water has pooled on the bathroom floor, and on the wall behind the shower head. I have hired a plumber to sort this and he tells me that the original shower fitting has numerous problems: shower tray was not laid flat so water pooled in one area. Area around tiles not waterproofed so water pooled on the wall. Pipes under shower tray were odds and ends with loose joints (not one long pipe), one pipe joint has a plastic bag wrapped around it, the shower tray was cracked on the underside. Cheapest materials used throughout.
Everything has been taken away and will have to be replaced. The wall behind the shower is wrecked and has to come down. Students will be 2-3 weeks without a shower and will want compensation. Plumber and carpenter likely to cost £1500 or more.
I want to alert the relevant bodies to this guy's poor work ,and get compensation from him. How do I go about it? Many thanks.

wowfudge Mon 07-Dec-15 11:16:55

Consider posting this in legal. Get on to Trading Standards locally and report him. Do you have a written report of the issues? It could just be a list the company carrying out the repairs have sent you. Are there photos documenting the problems caused and the fitting issues identified?

I would consider sending him a notice before action detailing everything that was wrong and the costs for putting it right. You've reached the stage where you don't want him back or haven't had him back to rectify things - I've read your post posts on this. Give him X number of days to compensate you. If he doesn't then issue a small claim.

It may be that he does not have the funds to compensate you and may declare himself bankrupt in the face of legal action.

You have to ask yourself is it worth pursuing him or do you chalk it down to experience - despite the costs you have incurred and aggravation it has caused.

whataboutbob Mon 07-Dec-15 11:37:13

Thanks wowfudge this is really helpful. I have posted in Legal, awaiting replies.
It's true I have no trust in him. he has bullshitted me on other issues, but not as grave as this so I don't want him back in the flat.
The plumber has taken pictures as he dismantled the shower unit.
I have a lot on my plate at the mo with a very sick dad. However, I can't accept that he can do this an get away with it. Even if he gives me no compensation, I want the relevant bodies aware of his low standards. I will contact trading standards and take it from there.

wowfudge Mon 07-Dec-15 13:06:46

Another thought - is there a separate bath in the property? If so then the tenants can use that whilst the shower is out of service. You could supply them with a shower spray to attach to the taps for hair washing over the bath. If there are suitable bathing facilities you are not obliged to reduce the rent to compensate them, although you may decide to offer them something for the disruption and inconvenience. You're obviously acting to remedy the issues.

whataboutbob Mon 07-Dec-15 13:46:31

Sadly no the bath was removed when the builder converted the bathroom into a shower plus a separate toilet . Two of the guys have gym memberships, the other showers at a friend's house,there are showering facilities at the uni which is 10 minutes away and they have been nice about it so far. But I am sure they will request compensation, and i will award it as I can only accept that 3 weeks with no washing facilities is not on.

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