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Completing on Friday - have we missed anything?

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notamum3210 Mon 07-Dec-15 10:09:34


We've been given the go ahead by our solicitors, signed contracts and transferred money. Solicitor says we can complete this Friday.
We're FTB and wondering if we've missed anything:

- contacted gas and electric suppliers of the new property. will give meter readings when we move in
- set up water and internet accounts and booked internet installation.
- insurance is arranged and kicks in today.
- Paid our stamp duty and all the extra solicitor fees.

Anything else we should be doing?

Fizrim Mon 07-Dec-15 10:12:27

Council tax? Change of address for the bank/car insurance/driving licence/any finance?

Good luck with the move!

ftm123 Mon 07-Dec-15 11:28:54

arrange to see the house one last time and check it has not suddenly become 1m deep in rubbish.... if they have breached vacant possession or any other contract clause it is easier to sort out ahead of completion.

Consider paying for post office redirect to catch anything you missed.

Good luck!

notamum3210 Mon 07-Dec-15 11:31:14

Thank you! Very helpful.

Needmoresleep Mon 07-Dec-15 13:03:25

Find out from vendors which Internet supplier they use then get in touch with your preferred supplier. Transfers can take an age and you may need a BT line guy to come in to do something to the physical line. This again can take weeks.

Take photos of meter readings.

lighteningirl Mon 07-Dec-15 21:57:16

Car insurance! You need to notify them within 24 hours or something like that.

Belleende Tue 08-Dec-15 04:47:33

If there is a garden make sure the vendors get rid of all the crap in it. We didn't, now it will probably be there until we movefangry.

Needmoresleep Tue 08-Dec-15 10:33:16

DVLA, GP dentist and optician, home insurance, schools plus whatever emergency contact lists you might be on for DC (after school activities), pension provider, employer, banks, library.

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