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Anyone with planning experience around ? Seeline ?

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gingeroots Mon 07-Dec-15 10:04:52

I will try and speak to our local planning dept but they don't respond to emails from neighbours and are virtually impossible to get on the phone .I imagine because they are hugely overstretched ,not because they're sitting around drinking coffee !

Our neighbour has a number of planning matters on the go
- certificate of lawfulness , (granted )
-approved prior permission ( approved )
these 2 are for differing plans for an extension

-full planning permission (granted ) and most recently
- a lawful development certificate for an outbuilding ( not decided )

As far as I can see the plans for the outbuilding will compromise the plans for full planning permission which is to create a new access road and build 2 houses . The outbuildings size and position will ( as far as I can see ) mean that the bycyle and refuse bin storage can't be as shown on the plans for the new road and 2 new houses .It's a very deep plot and there's some stipulation about distance from main road for siting bins .So not easy to relocate .

And once the road is created the outbuilding will be less than 2 metres from the boundary which has implications for the height of the outbuilding .

So my question is - how do planners consider a matter ? I'm guessing they will consider on basis of what's there at present ? And not on what could be there if the houses and road were built ?

I imagine our neighbour is entiteled to get other developments done before the major works start .I doubt the planning dept will ask him to tweak his full planning application in light of any building since it was approved .

Anyone any idea ?

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