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Decorators and builders - work not good

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Whattheydonttellyou Wed 02-Dec-15 13:42:29

What do you do when insurance company has paid for repairs and redecorations and the builder's work is very poor indeed.
New plaster work is full of faults, lumps, ripples and signs that plaster was painted before being fully dry. The areas of gloss are peeling away to the original as no sanding down or prep was done before the decorator glossed. Wallpapering is also poor with no wall prep. There are craters you can see in certain light under the wallpaper and it is really disappointing as we bought the wallpaper as we liked it and it was not cheap. His cutting in around light switches is awful and he has missed a strip in a corner.
The insurance company calls this snagging and says it is between us and the builder. We do not feel that we want this builder back as he is cocky and full of gab and can talk his way out of anything and makes us feel he is doing us a favour just turning up.
Do we have any options as he is a builder the insurance company supplied?

lalalonglegs Wed 02-Dec-15 19:31:26

I'd post this in Legal Matters but, fwiw, if it were my house, I would ask some local decorators to explain what needs to be done and quote for that work. I would make sure the builder came back and make a record of what he said by way of excuse when you told him what work he should do to rectify the poor job. I would then write to him with a record of the conversation and keep a copy of the letter.

I would write to the Customer Services Dept of the insurance company saying that the work done by the tradesman they supplied is not up to standard (enclose lots of photographs), he is not willing to make good and, having spoken to a couple of reputable local decorators, it will cost £xxx to rectify. You will give the insurance company 28 days to make contact but, if they are not willing to pay for this remedial work, you will be getting the work done by one of the tradesmen you have selected and pursuing them through the small claims court for the cost.

Whattheydonttellyou Wed 02-Dec-15 20:56:12

Thankyou for your kind advice.
It will take courage and that is going to be difficult but I can't accept the poor work done. I need to do something and need to be brave!

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