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Induction hob help!

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TiredMummy2015 Tue 01-Dec-15 22:04:45

I just used our new induction job for the first time and appear to have damaged it.

I was attempting to make custard but didn't appreciate how fast the job would heat up. The custard ended up burnt on the bottom of the pan and now there's a mark on the hob where the pan was.

I have tried cleaning it off but it won't shift. Husband is adamant its burnt on food but none of the custard came out of the pan so it can't be.

Any ideas or is the glass ruined?

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 02-Dec-15 08:29:42

I use Waitrose ceramic hob cleaner and it seems to perform magic !! Maybe try that ? Or one of those eraser sponge thingumys . Just DONT scrape it with a knife or anything !!! Fingers crossed for you ! Nb. If you think of your induction hob like its gas when you cook,you won't go too far wrong . ( there's no slow start or residual heat at end like electric hob )

atticusclaw2 Wed 02-Dec-15 08:36:21

The glass is unlikely do be damaged. Mine sometimes gets marks that seem a bit like stubborn grease marks. A dry tea towel rubbed hard on them seems to shift them.

TiredMummy2015 Wed 02-Dec-15 17:01:18

Thanks! Hob brite and a Lakeland plastic scraper sorted it out.

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