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Er, what are your thoughts on my decorator's methods?

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RedMapleLeaf Mon 30-Nov-15 16:56:39

I'm trying a new decorator, after reading glowing reviews on Rated People -and not having anyone else even quote. He's doing things differently to how I would do them, so I thought I'd just run this by you for your thoughts.

Firstly, I would do all of the prepping and then start the painting. However, he seems to be prepping and painting, prepping and painting, prepping and painting (it's paint over previously painted walls btw and a few hairline cracks).

Secondly, I would paint walls and ceilings with a roller, but he appears to have done a bit of both, with a preference for the brush. I mentioned about the visible brush strokes but he says they won't be seen once the paint has dried (this is just the first coat btw).

What do you think? Can I relax?

JT05 Mon 30-Nov-15 18:34:51

My preferred method is :- complete prep of walls including filling and sanding, prep all woodwork and sanding. Paint ceiling with roller , 2-3 coats. Paint woodwork , coats as required. Paint walls 2-3 coats with roller.

If you do it piecemeal, then you risk mess getting on new paintwork.

I'm no expert, but apply my fine art training to my domestic decorating!

lalalonglegs Mon 30-Nov-15 19:08:29

I often find it easier to see bumps and scratches once I've got a nice new layer of paint on so will sand and fill again after that. I use a brush in corners and woodwork etc but generally roller. Is he doing things differently from that?

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Mon 30-Nov-15 19:52:08

A few years back I was told by a professional decorator to give the walls a coat of emulsion before the final filling and sanding.

DH prefers to paint walls with a brush, but I am happy to use a good quality roller and a brush for cutting in. Both of us use a brush for ceilings as rollers - even those with guards in my experience - spray everywhere.

FreeWorker1 Mon 30-Nov-15 19:59:20

I agree with your decorator. Basic prep, then paint walls with one coat. Check for any final hairline cracks, bumps, caulk fill if necessary and final sanding. Then final careful roller coat.

Some professional decorators paint with a brush first on uneven walls. Then put a finishing partly diluted roller coat on to give a really smooth finish.

I finish off with a neat masking tape and caulk line and final paint around door jambs and windows.

Qwebec Mon 30-Nov-15 21:22:42

If I were you, I would ask him in naive I-know-nothing-about-painting way why he does it like that and not the other way. This attitude helped me loads asking questions and me mentionning I know nothing and I just want to understand prevents people from getting defensive.

RedMapleLeaf Mon 30-Nov-15 22:12:06

Thanks all, we're just on the first coat of emulsion so we'll see tomorrow. There are quite a few rough places so it's good to know that further sanding and filling may be yet to come.

Qwebec I used to do the faux ignorance thing but the patronising response pissed me off so now I go for a bit more straight talking.

There's the odd bit of splashed paint on the floor, radiator, window and curtain rail brackets, but I think that'll all scrape off.

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