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CCTV - Internal & External

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YogaPants2441 Mon 30-Nov-15 11:56:14

I would like to install a security system in my home that protects the home but also has cameras that you can access via your phone. Ideally I would like to have cameras at the stairwells to catch the door access as well. I have an au pair that I overheard that she is inviting people over when we are not in. Will have a chat with her, but would like to be secure as well when we are at work.

Do you have a positive experience with any product please that is not too pricey?

Thanks :-)

beaufontboy Wed 02-Dec-15 23:06:08

Have a read of here, these guys have some good advice about CCTV, there is a lot of choice available and most of it comes down to picture quality and do you need night time pictures and if so to what quality ? the good cameras will give you good facial pictures if zoomed correctly, a lot of the cheaper kit, like Swann, will give you pictures but normally to a lesser quality, there is a huge range of kit around. I buy from CCTV42 and their kit is good but the costs can add up !

TheLesserSpottedBee Wed 02-Dec-15 23:15:45

We went to a CCTV shop near us as we wanted front and back coverage externally and our house isn't in a straight line so we needed advice. Internally you can one installed in an alarm PIR so it doesn't look like a camera.

We installed part of it ourselves then when we had an electrician here he installed the ones at the back.

Visiting the shop meant that we could see the quality first hand as each camera was hooked up to a tv.

We have a close up camera for the front door and wider angled ones for the other 4. They also have night vision and can be accessed from our phones. Cost £600 for the 5 camera system, wiring and DVR.

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