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Amazon Firestick Experiences??

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cressetmama Sun 29-Nov-15 15:45:24

I've bought one, because we already have Prime, but it seems to mess up the broadband signal to the computer (about 30mps on fibre). I chatted to my usually useful guy yesterday and he thinks (because of oddball house configuration) that we may be best rigging an Ethernet spine through the house to replace my TP Links. Do any of you have a view, and how much should the cabling cost? About 15 metres should be ample...


ModernContinental Sun 29-Nov-15 22:06:50

I have upgraded my TP Link to the new ones :

They are great & have three ethernet ports on each. I have two sets around my flat making most connections 'wired'. I have amazon fire tv box which is able to be connected via ethernet. Superb, though like the old TP Link that I had they do not 'boost' wifi, though are compatible with older TP Link models which could be used alongside to boost wifi.

Would be cheaper/easier than hardwiring house. I get ~ 70 mpbs.

HeadDreamer Sun 29-Nov-15 22:22:07

How did it mess up the broadband signal? It is just a 'computer' streaming video. Do you have the same problem playing prime on a tablet?

We have a firestick and it is connected using Ethernet over power too. But we use devolo

cressetmama Mon 30-Nov-15 09:18:32

It caused interference, slowed down and restricted the wired connection to the PC and the streaming signal was very unstable Head. In fact, the signal didn't stay steady long enough to download and intialise the full start-up software installation.

I have never tried to use prime on a tablet. The way the house is built makes it difficult for wi-fi signal to penetrate the far end of the house (east-west), or the lower ground floor on the south side of the house, because there are three solid cellar walls in between.

cressetmama Mon 30-Nov-15 09:20:46

I may very well upgrade to the new TP Link. The reviews are very favourable and my set are ancient... at least first generation!

HeadDreamer Mon 30-Nov-15 09:35:21

Is it interference on the wired network? Or do you mean wifi interference? Or can you even have interference to the power network? That's definitely strange when you have interference in the wired network. I've only heard of it in the good old days when the computers are daisy chained together. (Can't remember what that plug was called).

If it's wifi, you can change the channel. There are wifi signal measurement apps. You can see what your neighbours are using and change to a different frequency from them. (But maybe you don't have neighbours)?

As for not having wifi to most of the house. Get yourself some of those power ethernet wifi extenders! I'm sure t-link has them too. But here's the devolo one.

HeadDreamer Mon 30-Nov-15 09:36:55

I'm thinking there must be something more going on, when the knowledgeable guy suggested

I chatted to my usually useful guy yesterday and he thinks (because of oddball house configuration) that we may be best rigging an Ethernet spine through the house to replace my TP Links.

What he is saying is not using power over ethernet and replaced it with a ethernet cable isn't it? So there's something that's not working using power ethernet?

cressetmama Mon 30-Nov-15 10:21:47

I am not sure where the problem is occurring. There's something of a power battle over configuring technology in this house at present. DS16 built our new PC tower and has appointed himself tech master. I have always done this but as I am getting more ancient, I rather defer to his more current knowledge. However, I've just hardwired the PC using an old ethernet link and I think it's running faster. We have moderate fibre speeds, about 33Mps, and he is angling for an upgrade to superfast but that means changing telecom supplier to BT.

My usually reliable adviser is the shop that sold me the original TP links, but he has never seen the house. He suggested an electrician or a telecomms engineer. I have competent versions of both but don't really want to spend more than necessary.

Thank you for the link to the WiFi Repeaters. Might that be all that's required?

HeadDreamer Mon 30-Nov-15 10:39:14

cressetmama you can get superfast broadband from other ISP too. I got mine from plusnet. I know sky does it too.

HeadDreamer Mon 30-Nov-15 10:40:48

The intranet in your house, I won't know what's exactly wrong unless I've seen it. I'm skeptical the guy in the shop knows. Can you get a IT guy to your place? There are a few in my neighbour that does home computers. It might be worth the money to have someone knowledgable to have a look? Or do you think your 16yo knows his stuff?

HeadDreamer Mon 30-Nov-15 10:46:27

Problem is, if there's some problem with powerline adaptor in your house, then none of these will work. They are all appliances to provide ethernet over the power line in your house. (Though I'm leaning towards thinking your old one is just broken). There's no harm ofc to try a new pair and see if it solves your problem.

The powerline adapter does not only provide wired ethernet access. It can also do wifi. Basically all it does is to extend your internet signal from the socket it comes in to the house, to a power socket far away. That power socket now can connect to the home intranet, either wired or wireless. Most people would now have enough of these powerline adapters to have wifi over the whole house. For most houses that just means another powerline adapter upstairs with wifi. We don't live in houses that are that big!

Hope that helps.

cressetmama Mon 30-Nov-15 12:06:26

Thanks HeadDreamer. I shall give the IT guy DH uses a bell and get him to look at it.

I'm only leaning towards the big phone company because we already buy their sports TV for the rugby, and we would get that free if we shift to them, plus it's a full 76MPS connection and we are next door to the cabinet! Sky max out at 35MPS, but PlusNet looks good. I've bookmarked the page because I have about 2 months before I'm out of the present telecom contract. DS is good at boxes and software things but not patient or logical; he just wants the most speed for games!

HeadDreamer Mon 30-Nov-15 12:17:26

Sky unlimited pro definitely is 76Mbps. See

They are all on the BT FTTC network btw, except virgin.

HeadDreamer Mon 30-Nov-15 12:18:46

Assuming ofc you are buying sky sports from sky. It's definitely good to get phone and broadband and tv all from the same company. They usually give a discount isn't it?

cressetmama Mon 30-Nov-15 12:35:28

We have both Sky and BT Sports channels. Sky don't have the club and Heineken Cup rugby matches that are DH's real interest, but has all the cricket; no-one watches football any other sport. It seems ridiculous, but I negotiated very hard and got a decent deal. If we sign up with BT, it will save £20 pm straightaway, so it works out better value overall.

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