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Track/cable lighting in living room

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Yika Sat 28-Nov-15 09:00:18

I've got very oddly placed light points in my living/dining room. One is placed above the entrance way and the other above the space in between the living and dining zones. No way to move them now (concrete ceiling, recently painted). I've been thinking about ways to displace the light itself from where the light point is situated.

Finally I think I've decided to go with some kind of track/cable system where I can put the lights themselves wherever I like along the track.

Is this kind of low voltage system dated? Would it be OK In a living room?

What about a fixed track?

I'd have two parallel tracks, one over the living area and one over the dining area.

I'm also using lamps/freestanding lights but I need to put something up (a) for aesthetic purposes - have wires poking out of the ceiling and (b) I like to have the choice of bright ambient light when needed.

TIA for your thoughts/experience.

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